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Lady, wearing a blue blouse, smiles knowing her employees wellness is taken care of with Multiply for Corporates.

Multiply for Corporates

Multiply for Corporates is our rewards programme for businesses. By taking care of your employees’ physical and financial health and creating a safe workplace, you can earn up to R600 for each employee annually. You can spend this on various employee initiatives to further improve their financial health, like a wellness day for staff.

  • Reduces employees’ stress levels and financial worries.
  • Increases productivity through positive behaviour change.
  • Creates a safer workplace.

The value of Multiply for Corporates

See how you can unlock untapped value in your employee benefits and earn up to R600 a year for each employee.

Multiply for Corporates in 5 easy steps

Here is how we can help you look after your employees’ well-being without having to pay more.

The more Momentum solutions you have, the more rewards you earn

By giving your employees access to employee benefits with Momentum you’re providing them with financial peace of mind. This can positively impact on their productivity and your business’ journey to success.

As an employer, you’ll receive points for each product you have with Momentum. The more Momentum solutions you have, the higher your status – and the more rewards you can earn through Multiply for Corporates.

Qualifying Momentum

FundsAtWork Umbrella Fund

Our award-winning Umbrella Funds provide comprehensive and flexible employee pension and provident funds, and group insurance with value-added services and rewards programmes.

Group Insurance

Reduce the financial impact of unexpected life-changing events for your employees with group life, funeral, disability and critical illness cover. You can choose the benefits to suit your employees’ needs and protect them financially.


Our range of corporate investment portfolios can be tailored to suit your employees’ or members’ retirement goals and investment needs.

Healthcare for Corporates

Flexible group medical aid solutions for employees, and employee wellness programmes.

Engaged employees are productive employees

Our solutions are designed to help improve your employees’ productivity through positive changes in their behaviour.

By taking care of your employees’ financial and physical health and creating a safe workplace, you can unlock value from higher productivity levels. Employees who are financially heathy are also less stressed and less likely to be distracted by financial worries at work - resulting in higher engagement levels.

Four work colleagues sitting around a table and laughing as one lady holds up her cell phone to show them a picture on her phone.

Financial and physical health

As employees’ physical health improves, lower medical expenses could reduce their financial vulnerability. Healthier employees are also off work for shorter periods and tend to be much more productive.

Two men wearing hard hats and safety goggles, standing in a factory discussing building plans.

Workplace safety

Our employee wellness solutions are supported by Momentum Wellness whose focus is on occupational hygiene, occupational health and employee wellness.

The workplace safety assessment produces a Workplace Safety Score that helps you identify potential compliance gaps after which Momentum Wellness can offer interventions to improve workplace safety.

Earn rewards in 5 steps

Get qualifying Momentum solutions. The points you earn determine your Multiply for Corporates status.
Register. Register and confirm your company’s details.
Improve your Workplace Safety Score. The safer your workplace, the better your Workplace Safety Score and the more rewards you can earn.
Start engaging. The more activities you complete, the higher your engagement level and the more rewards you can earn.
Earn and spend your rewards. Rewards are calculated using the combined results of your Multiply for Corporate status, Workplace Safety Score and engagement levels.

Want to know more?

Does my business or employees get the R600 per employee annually?
Your business will earn up to R600 per employee annually that can be redeemed to fund initiatives that are designed to enhance the workplace safety and financial health of your business and your employees. The initiative or service must be for the benefit of all employees; either to enhance their financial or physical health, or boost staff morale.
Can I use my Multiply for Corporates rewards to fund a soccer tournament?
You won’t be able to use your rewards if the tournament includes parties outside of your business. If all your employees participate, for example, in an inter-departmental team building event, you can use your rewards.
How do I increase my status?
You can increase the number of qualifying Momentum solutions you have for your employees, to earn more points. The more points you have, the higher your status.

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Momentum Multiply for individuals

Multipy rewards members for making the right choices so they can live a better and healthier life.

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Our call centre is open Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 16:30.

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