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Employee benefits

FundsAtWork Umbrella Fund

Comprehensive and flexible retirement and group insurance solutions with value-added benefits.


Our range of corporate investment portfolios can be tailored to suit your employees’ retirement goals and investment needs.


Help secure the financial success of your employees in retirement.

Healthcare for

Flexible medical aid and wellness solutions for your employees.


Reduce the financial impact of unexpected life-changing events for your employees with death, disability and illness cover.

Momentum Retirement

We provide flexible retirement administration services that can be customised for standalone retirement funds.

Business insurance, health and wellness solutions

Business Insurance

Comprehensive business insurance products tailored to suit your unique business needs from vehicle, buildings, equipment, and GIT to public liability and more.

Business Continuity Assurance

Protect your business with our market-leading key person life insurance products.

Momentum OCSA

Integrated workplace health and wellness solutions help your business on its journey to success. .



Why choose Momentum Corporate?

The success of your business is directly influenced by the success of your employees. Partner with us to help your employees reach their pre- and post-retirement financial goals.

What makes us different?

Lady, wearing a blue blouse, smiles knowing her employees wellness is taken care of with Multiply for Corporates

Multiply for Corporates

Multiply for Corporates is our rewards programme for businesses. If you take care of your employees’ physical and financial health and create a safe workplace you can earn up to R600 for each employee annually. You can spend this on various initiatives for your employees.

An older male using a resistance band for resistance training whilst training with his female personal trainer.

Wellness Care Centre

When employees become ill or disabled, they need more support. The multi-disciplinary team in our Wellness Care Centre is there to provide support and care to disability claimants.

Helping employees make smart financial decisions

We understand that the journey to financial success for employees can be challenging, that's why we offer tools and services to support them along the way.

Two women an a male colleague, with a coffee mug in his hand, having a meeting around a table, looking at the laptop screen of the woman in the middle.

Employee Financial

The Employee Financial Wellbeing programme provides the right level of support to employees. It is made up of among others, financial literacy and education, financial coaching and advice, and financial tools.


Retirement benefit
counselling with Smart

An innovative counselling service offered to FundsAtWork and standalone fund members, designed to encourage choices that improve their journey to financial success.



Our award-winning Smart Solutions offer you and your employees a variety of user-friendly digital tools. The tools aim to educate and empower employees to make better financial decisions.

Resource centre

Get convenient access to the information and documents you’re looking for. Forms, brochures, fund fact sheets, and our latest press releases, our resource centre has everything you need in one place.

How registering could make employees’ lives easier

An overview of all
your products

Employees can conveniently access all their Momentum products whenever they need to.

Take control of
your benefits

Employees can make changes to their benefits securely online.

Get the
latest updates

Employees can access the latest information on their Momentum products.


Download the Momentum App today

Your employees get convenient access to all their Momentum products and rewards. They can use the App to submit claims and so much more.

Holistic view of their Momentum products.
View and calculate their Momentum Multiply points and rewards.
Track their Active Dayz™ and Safe Dayz™.

Award-winning solutions Golden Arrow logo

2021 PMR Awards

For the second year in a row, the FundsAtWork Umbrella Funds top-scored with 4.19 out of 5 in the category of pension fund administrators and product providers, receiving the Diamond Arrow Award. Golden Arrow logo

2020 PMR Awards

Momentum Corporate received a Diamond Arrow Award with the highest score in the category pension fund administrators, consultants, providers and insurers.

Raging Bull Awards logo

2019/2020 Raging Bull Awards

In January 2019 Momentum Investments won 3 Raging Bull awards. In January 2020 they won the award for the Momentum Enhanced Yield Fund for a second year in a row. Golden Arrow logo

2019 PMR Awards

Momentum Health Solutions was awarded the Golden Arrow Award with an overall rating of 8.15 out of 10.

Ask Afrika Da Vinci Awards Logo

2019 Ask Afrika Da Vinci Awards

Our Smart Exits solution won a Gold Loerie in the Service Design category.

2018 Silver Loerie Award logo

2018 Silver Loerie Award

Our Smart Underwriting solution won a Silver Loerie in the Service Design category.

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