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FundsAtWork Umbrella Funds

The FundsAtWork Umbrella Pension Fund and FundsAtWork Umbrella Provident Fund are comprehensive retirement and group insurance solutions to help you take care of your employees' financial needs pre-and post-retirement. As one of the largest employee benefits providers in South Africa, our award-winning Umbrella Funds provide:

  • Retirement fund savings and investments - to help employees reach their retirement goals.
  • Group Insurance - provides financial security with group life, funeral and disability insurance for employees when life-changing events happen.

For flexible Umbrella Fund options, we’ve got you covered

As an employer, you choose the initial product option(s) and contribution rate(s), and employees then have the freedom to move to another product option and/or adjust their contributions depending on the initial
product option.

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FundsAtWork Founder

Cost-effective product option with limited investment flexibility and provides basic insurance needs.

  • Limited investment flexibility.
  • Limited group insurance flexibility.

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FundsAtWork Provider

A product option that offers more investment flexibility if you and your employees have more complex needs.

  • Limited range of investment portfolios.
  • Wide range of insurance benefits and members can use FlexiCovers.

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FundsAtWork Entrepreneur

A more advanced product option if you and your employees have very distinct or individual needs.

  • Wide range of investment portfolios.
  • Wide range of insurance benefits and members can use FlexiCovers.

Affordable retirement savings and insurance benefits

The ideal employee benefits solution for smaller businesses which includes retirement and a choice of critical illness, death and disability insurance cover.

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FundsAtWork Core

FundsAtWork Core offers essential and affordable group retirement and insurance benefits for your employees. As an employer, you make the choice on the contribution rate and there is no investment and insurance flexibility for your employees.

  • Basic investment solution.
  • Basic death, disability, critical illness and funeral benefits.

FundsAtWork building blocks

You and your employees have unique and ever-changing needs. Our solutions and services are designed to support these specific needs, and inspired the three building blocks of FundsAtWork.


Planning for a successful

Our retirement savings and investment solution increases the likelihood of your employees reaching their retirement goals.


Financial security when
the unexpected happens

Provide your employees with Group Insurance benefits to protect them and their families from the financial impact of life-changing events.

Value-adding services

Additional services for FundsAtWork members

Why we’re more than just a traditional umbrella fund.

support services

You and your employees have access to multiple communication channels and client engagement tools to interact with us.

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Smart Solutions

Our Smart Solutions offer you and your employees a variety of user-friendly
digital tools.

  • Smart Exits creates awareness about the importance of preserving their retirement savings. Smart Retirements educates employees on the various annuity options.
  • Smart Underwriting digitises the underwriting process in a fully secure and private space. A verifiable technology-based solution.
  • Smart Claims simplifies death and funeral claims at a time when members or their families are emotionally vulnerable and value simplicity and speed.

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Smart Counsel

Your employees have access to a professional retirement benefit counselling service to help them understand their FundsAtWork benefits so that they can make the right decisions for their personal financial situation.

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Wellness Care Centre

Our Wellness Care Centre is a market-leading rehabilitation and disability management centre. You will have your own dedicated personal care manager that will walk this journey with you.

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Online employer portal

The employer portal is a real-time and fully-integrated web-based tool that empowers you to manage your employees’ benefits at your convenience.

Protection for your employees on their life journey

Our flexible group insurance benefits help to minimise the financial impact of unexpected, life-changing events.

Employee Assistance Programme

Provides 24-hour support, 365 days a year, to employees and their families during traumatic life events.

Children's Education Benefit

When a member dies, their children will get financial assistance for their education.

FundsAtWork Family Protector

Pays a funeral and education benefit and Momentum Health premiums if your employee passes away.

Group disability insurance

An income disability benefit that reduces inequality between income groups and provides access to our Wellness Care Centre.

Funeral assistance service

Assists employees and their families with guidance and support when they need it most.

Virtual funeral benefit

Allows employees and their families to mourn together when they cannot be together.

Want to know more?

Will my employees get sound advice when they resign or retire?

All FundsAtWork members have access to benefit counselling. These services will help them understand their benefits and make smart financial choices during their working life and at retirement.
Will employees’ money be safe?

The trustees of the FundsAtWork Umbrella Fund have a fiduciary duty to members and beneficiaries as well as the fund itself. This means that the trustees have a legal duty to act in the best interest of the members, beneficiaries and the fund at all times and can be held personally liable for breach of this duty.
Why should members complete a beneficiary nomination form?

Members need to complete a beneficiary nomination form to help trustees identify the correct beneficiaries. Trustees will first ensure that people who are financially dependent on the member are taken care of, and will then divide any money that is left over between the nominated beneficiaries.

Learn more about FundsAtWork


Need advice?

Get one of our financial
advisers to call you back.

Other Momentum Corporate employee benefits


Our range of corporate investment portfolios can be tailored to suit your employees’ or members’ retirement goals and investment needs.


Help employees to feel secure knowing they will have a regular post-retirement income.

Healthcare for

Flexible group medical aid solutions for employees, and employee wellness programmes.


Reduce the financial impact of unexpected life-changing events for your employees with group life, funeral, disability and critical illness cover. You can choose the benefits to suit your employees’ needs and protect them financially.

Momentum Retirement

We provide flexible retirement fund administration services that can be customised for standalone retirement funds.

Contact FundsAtWork

General enquiries

Our call centre is open Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:30.

Smart Counsel

Our call centre is open Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.

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