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Leading a healthy lifestyle, an athletic lady in a red sporting gear, holding her cell phone with earphones in her ears with stairs in the background.

FundsAtWork's value-added benefits

FundsAtWork is more than just a traditional umbrella fund. We provide your employees with additional value-added benefits throughout their working life.

  • Momentum Multiply - our rewards programme for employees to help them live a better, healthier life.
  • Housing loan guarantee - help employees get the finance they need to buy a home or land or renovate their home.
  • Hello Doctor - employees get free expert health advice on their phone.

Close up of a woman's feet wearing bright red trainers sitting next to kettlebells, who is about to start exercising at the gym.

FundsAtWork members get Multiply Starter for FREE

Healthier employees are more productive employees.

Multiply is our wellness and rewards programme that incentives members for making the right choices and living a better, healthier life. They automatically get Multiply Starter for free and can upgrade to Multiply Premier at an additional fee for even greater rewards and cash backs.

An athletic lady wearing tights, a sports bra and trainers leaps into the air and a duplicating shadow on wall next to her.

Boost your retirement savings, HealthSaver or Multiply Money account

Young couple walking together with shopping bags in their hands. The woman has a red backpack over her shoulder.

Get partner discounts, cash backs and rewards

A woman stretches her arm with the sun in the background shining through the trees.

Get rewarded with Safe DayzTM and ActiveDayzTM

Lady, wearing a red and white dress, smiles knowing her employees wellness is taken care of with Multiply for Corporates.

Multiply for corporates

Momentum's rewards programme for businesses

Get rewarded for taking care of your employees' physical health and creating a safe workplace. You can earn up to R600 per employee annually and spend it on initiatives that improve the financial health of your employees and business.

Hello Doctor logo

Hello Doctor

FundsAtWork members can get free health education and medical advice from a doctor on their cell phone, anytime, anywhere using Hello Doctor.

Three girls sitting and eating popcorns on a couch with a blanket in a home bought with the help of FundsAtWork's housing loan guarantee.

Housing loan guarantee

We understand the importance and challenges of securing finance to buy a home. That's why we offer pension-backed housing loan guarantees to your employees. The loans are provided by FNB and Standard Bank. They can use the money to buy a house, improve their current home, buy land to build a house or pay off an existing housing loan.

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FundsAtWork's other building blocks

Added to the Group Insurance solution, the FundsAtWork Umbrella Fund integrates two other products as a combined offering.


Planning for a successful


Financial security when
the unexpected happens

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