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A group of 4 individuals walking and chatting about the advantages of employee benefits from Momentum Corporate.

Employee benefits

Here's why you should partner with Momentum Corporate for employee benefits, including pension funds and provident funds, group insurance, investments and annuities and standalone retirement administration services:

  • Award-winning FundsAtWork Umbrella Pension Fund and Provident Fund.
  • Market leading group insurance cover for group life and disability benefits.
  • Employee financial wellbeing, including retirement benefit counselling, medical aid, and preservation funds.

Momentum Corporate employee benefits

Work colleagues, two women and a man, walking and discussing work.

FundsAtWork Umbrella Funds

Our award-winning Umbrella Funds provide comprehensive and flexible employee pension and provident funds, and group insurance with value-added services and rewards programmes.

Momentum Investment Portfolios A businessman standing in front of a white building holding a takeaway coffee, with a folded newspaper under his arm.


Our range of corporate investment portfolios can be tailored to suit your employees’ or members’ retirement goals and investment needs.


Help employees to feel secure knowing they will have a regular post-retirement income.

Three colleagues, two men and a woman, smiling and talking while they sit in the canteen and enjoy their lunch together.

Healthcare for

Flexible group medical aid solutions for employees, and employee wellness programmes.

Group Insurance Dad with young son and daughter running happily to greet their mom.


Reduce the financial impact of unexpected life-changing events for your employees with group life, funeral, disability and critical illness cover. You can choose the benefits to suit your employees’ needs and protect them financially.

wo women standing in a modern open plan office having a discussion about a few documents.

Momentum Retirement

We provide flexible retirement fund administration services that can be customised for standalone retirement funds.

Helping employees make
smart financial decisions

We understand that the journey to financial success for employees can be challenging, that's why we offer tools and services to support them along the way.

Two women and a male colleague, with a coffee mug in his hand, having a meeting around a table, looking at the laptop screen of the woman in the middle.

Employee Financial Wellbeing

The Employee Financial Wellbeing programme provides the right level of support to FundsAtWork members. It is made up of among others, financial literacy and education, financial coaching and advice, and financial tools.

Two women discussing the retirement benefit counselling with Smart Counsel that is offered to FundsAtWork and standalone fund members.

Retirement benefit counselling with Smart Counsel

A retirement counselling service offered to FundsAtWork and standalone fund members, designed to encourage choices that improve their journey to financial success.

A young woman sitting on a blue velvet couch using the Smart Solutions tool on her laptop to view her benefits and profile.

Smart Solutions

Our award-winning Smart Solutions offer you and your employees a variety of user-friendly digital tools. The tools aim to educate and empower employees to make better financial decisions.

Request a call back

to speak to an expert financial advisor about our employee benefits or business insurance.

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