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Employee wellness and medical aid

Momentum Health Solutions offers holistic tailor-made solutions for both employers and employees in
South Africa.

  • Our medical aid solutions give your employees access to healthcare benefits that costs less.
  • We focus on affordable health insurance solutions for your employees who cannot afford medical aid.
  • Momentum Wellness focuses on occupational hygiene, occupational health and safety, and employee wellness.

Healthcare solutions for your employees

Momentum’s integrated solutions enable employers to equip employees on their life journey with the right support to be healthy and successful.

Momentum Medical Scheme

Affordable medical aid plans that are flexible enough to cater for employees' specific needs.

Momentum Medical Scheme was designed to cater for individual member needs. Employees can choose from a hospital plan to a more comprehensive medical aid option with more cover. What sets us apart is Provider Choice – it allows employees to choose hospital and chronic providers based on their needs which can save them up to R1 000 per month on their contribution.

Momentum Health4Me

Affordable and quality private healthcare cover through a network of providers.

Momentum Health4Me is a primary health insurance solution that offers employer groups cost-effective healthcare cover for employees earning less than R30 000 per month. Employers can choose the combination of benefits most suitable to their employees’ needs and available budget, ranging from a comprehensive set of day-to-day benefits, such as unlimited Network GP consultations, to a range of major medical event benefits, such as accident and emergency cover, hospital cash and maternity lump sum benefits and funeral benefits.

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Momentum Wellness

Because employee health and wellbeing is the foundation of your business.

Our occupational health and wellness solutions are a holistic approach that boosts your employees' productivity and creativity. This, in turn, has a favourable outlook on your business' profit margins and employee downtime.

Let us find the best solution for your business' needs.

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Enabling wellness in the workplace

We partner with you to create a healthier workforce in South Africa. Momentum offers end-to-end wellness and risk solutions, unlocking more value for your business.

Our holistic offering ensures we’re creating innovative solutions to enable:
  • Healthy employees.
  • Healthy leaders.
  • Healthy workplace.

Wellness and rewards programmes for individuals and businesses

Young fit couple in gym gear sitting on the street, smiling, and looking at the young man’s fitness watch that’s tracking health activity for Momentum Multiply points.


Our wellness and rewards programme

Momentum Multiply is your kick-start that you need to live a better, healthier and happier life. You earn great incentives, discounts and cashbacks whenever you improve your health, safety, fitness, and finances.

With the FundsAtWork Umbrella Fund and EmployeeReturns, employees can also boost their retirement savings, HealthSaver or Multiply Money App savings wallet.

Lady, wearing a blue blouse, smiles knowing her employees wellness is taken care of with Multiply for Corporates


Group rewards for businesses

Multiply for Corporates is your rewards programme as an employer. By taking care of your employees’ physical and financial health and creating a safe workplace, you can earn up to R600 for each employee every year.

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Get monthly airtime based on your Healthy Heart Score

More4Me is available to employees on Momentum Health4Me and certain medical scheme options, as long as the employer has at least 15 employees covered by Momentum Health4Me and the respective medical scheme.

Contact Healthcare for Corporates


Business hours are Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 17:00. Saturdays from 08:00 to 12:00. Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

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