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Unisa Science of Success research

The latest Momentum UNISA Household Financial Wellness Index Report, now in its 9th year, provides information designed to inform and empower South African households to achieve financial success and recover from the impacts of Covid-19, as well as the subsequent lockdown. The Science of Success 2020 endeavours to inspire households by taking a closer look at:

  • The economic environment that surrounds South African households.
  • Factors that affect the financial success in households.
  • The impact of Covid-19 on household finances and behaviours.
  • A woman’s financial world in South Africa.
  • Practical tips for recovery and acceleration towards financial success.

About our financial wellness

The state of personal and household finances in SA

Since 2012, Momentum and University of South Africa (Unisa) have partnered on various projects to provide credible research insights into the state and success of household and consumer finances in South Africa. The purposeful collaboration includes:
  • Momentum UNISA Household Financial Wellness Index (FWI)
  • Momentum UNISA Household Wealth Index (HWI)
  • Momentum UNISA Consumer Financial Vulnerability Index (CFVI)

A first of its kind in South Africa

The various indexes, and more specifically the Financial Wellness Index (FWI), is the first independent, credible and comprehensive research of its kind in South Africa and the findings:

  • Present an invaluable and unprecedented benchmark in understanding the state of the households’ finances.
  • Provide financial services professionals and consumers with a meaningful overview to better understand and interpret the current state of consumer finances.
  • Provides policy makers with the insights needed to improve the financial wellness of households.

Household Financial Wellness Index

Household Wealth Index

Consumer Financial Vulnerability Index

Momentum Science of Success logo. Financial success is a science and can be implemented by anyone.

Momentum and Unisa have taken the time to understand what financial success means to South Africans

Financial success became a buzzword all over the world, yet not many people know what it actually means. Financial success comes from the daily steps we take to reach the unique goals we have set for ourselves. It’s about both small and big victories, and it changes as one becomes more knowledgeable and clearer about what you want to achieve. Indeed, the research reveals that families and individuals are achieving some sort of financial success daily - without even realising it.

Our research, as well as what’s been found by international institutions such as Stanford University, have indicated what financial success is. Although different methodologies were used, the outcome, namely defining financial success, is strikingly similar. Financial success is about achieving a series of short-term targets in pursuit of long-term goals. And every step count.

We achieve financial success daily, whether making loan repayments on time, making responsible purchases, drawing up a budget and sticking to it, planning for the long-term and actively pursuing the long-term goals, etc. It’s all about small wins: each step brings positive change.

Young girl holding a red umbrella against a yellow wall. She’s smiling and is confident about her journey to success.

What are the benefits of being financially well?

What happens when you think about money? If your heart skips a beat, you’re not alone. Many South African women and men say that money is their greatest stress. If you start developing good financial habits, you'll have the freedom to make financial choices that allow you to enjoy your life.

Achieve the home you’ve dreamt of so you can have that comfortable living area to relax in. Pictured here is a blue couch, ottoman and bookshelf filled with books.

Success is a science - and can be implemented by anyone

Take control of your financial journey by determining your financial goals, your priorities and what you need to do to achieve your goals. Think about where you want to be financially, in the short-term and
long-term, and then think about which goals best connect to your life - and your dreams.
The Momentum Unisa Household Financial Wellness Index gives you practical tips by experts (economists, financial advisers, financial sector researchers, managers and academics) on how to get serious about your finances and gain momentum with your financial goals.

Ready to take the first steps on your journey to success?

The journey to financial success starts here.

Choose attainable goals and take the pledge to achieve them.

A financial adviser can help you accelerate your momentum

A Momentum financial adviser can help you with setting and achieving your goals by advising you on how to balance your spending now, while saving for later.

Latest Momentum Unisa Household Financial Wellness insights

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