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Business Insurance

Our business insurance solutions are flexible enough to suit your unique business requirements.

  • No premium increase for the first 12 months - even if you claim.
  • Comprehensive insurance solutions for loss or damage.
  • Annual premium increases are based on your individual profile rating.

What makes us different

We've engineered our competitive and comprehensive short-term insurance to protect your business from a wide range of unforeseen events. We understand that your business is unique, that's why we design your cover based on your individual needs.

When it comes to claiming, engaging with you in a quick and efficient manner is important to us. To ensure that we give you the best service experience, we continually optimise and review our systems.

What we offer

Car insurance

Business car insurance for loss or damage to your vehicle fleet.

Buildings combined insurance

Protects fixed structure like your office that you use to conduct business against losses and financial costs.

Office contents insurance

Covers your movable property such as office furniture inside the building at your business address.

Electronic equipment insurance

Insures your business' electronic equipment such as computers and licensed software.

All-risk insurance

Covers business items that are regularly moved from the insured premises.

Business interruption insurance

Covers loss of business income as a result of an event that interrupts operations, such as fire.

Employer liability insurance

Protects you for damages that you or any person associated with your business may be held legally liable to pay after an incident.

Fidelity guarantee insurance

Covers you for losses due to fraud or theft by your employees, directors or anyone else colluding with an employee.

Money insurance

Protects your cash, cheques, postal and money orders.

Goods-in-transit insurance

Covers goods used as part of your stated business while they're being transported within South Africa.

Motor traders insurance

Covers damages that you're liable to pay after an incident relating to your business.


Insures your building, permanent fittings and goods used for your business against fire.


Covers all fixed windows, doors, mirrors, furniture and other fixed glasses available at your business premises.

Why Momentum Business Insurance?


Guaranteed premiums

Guaranteed no premium increase for the first 12 months - even if you claim.


No hidden costs

Our excesses are fixed, because we believe in one incident - one excess, regardless of the nature and value of the claim.


Momentum Assist

When you need help for emergencies on the road and at your office, we offer you roadside and office assistance.



Car and Home Insurance

Get reliable insurance to protect your personal valuables like your car, home and other personal belongings. And earn a cash back bonus of up to 30% on your premiums every year, even if you claim.

Contact Momentum Business Insurance


Our call centre is open Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.

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