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FundsAtWork Group Insurance

FundsAtWork's flexible Group Insurance helps to minimise the impact of unexpected life-changing events, which could leave your employees and their families without an income after a critical illness, disability or death.

  • Employee Assistance Programme provides assistance during traumatic life events.
  • Children's education benefit supports children financially if your employee passes away.
  • Smart Underwriting in a secure and private digital space.

Comprehensive benefits

We have a range of insurance benefits available which gives your employees the ability to provide for themselves and their families when they are no longer able to.

Death benefits

Employee Assistance Programme

  • Counselling services
  • Legal services
  • Financial, emotional and physical wellbeing services
  • Debt assistance and consolidation services
  • Credit health and credit check
  • Human capital insights and analytics

Disability benefits

Family Protector

  • Funeral benefit
  • Education benefit
  • Health premium waiver

Funeral assistance service

  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Help with funeral arrangements

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Insurance flexibility

FlexiCovers lets employees decide how much cover they need.

Employees on the Provider and Entrepreneur product options have access to FlexiCovers. This means that they can increase or decrease their insurance benefit and only pay for the cover that they need to suit their personal circumstances. For example, they can increase their amount of insurance cover when they have a child and then decrease it when their child leaves home and they are closer to retirement.

Smart Underwriting

Our Smart Underwriting solution won a Silver Loerie Award in 2018 in the Service Design Category. It was the first group insurance digital underwriting process available in South Africa. It allows members to complete their underwriting by answering a few short questions about their health and lifestyle in a fully secure and private digital space.

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Comprehensive disability management

We believe that claiming for disability should be a simple and clear process. Our Wellness Care Centre is a multi-disciplinary team that looks after our disability claimants. Everything we do is focused on helping disability claimants get the care they need through this unforeseen life event.

Want to know more?

What is the waiting period for benefits and should employees claim within a certain time?

Waiting periods differ depending on the benefit and can be up to 24 months. For example, the waiting period for the Income Disability Benefit can be up to 6 months, and from 6 to 24 months for the Temporary Income Disability Benefit. Employees must also notify FundsAtWork of a claim as soon as possible. Limits also apply, for example, a death claim should be submitted within 6 months from the date of death, and disability claims within 3 months from the date they were last able to perform their normal duties.
Can an individual member remove an insurance benefit they do not need?

Members cannot remove an insurance benefit, but they can use FlexiCovers to increase or decrease their levels of insurance cover to suit their personal circumstances.
Can I get the salary that I pay to a disability claimant in the waiting period back?

Yes, you can choose to add the salary payback benefit to your income disability or lump sum disability benefit policy. A lump sum equivalent to 75% of the monthly income that the employee is entitled to during the waiting period will be paid to you.

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FundsAtWork other building blocks

Added to the Group Insurance solution, the FundsAtWork Umbrella Fund integrates two other products as a combined offering.


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General enquiries

Our call centre is open Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:30.

Smart Counsel

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