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A financial advisor and a client sitting at a table, going through financial planning documents.

Momentum Financial Planning

Our financial advisers provide you with sound financial advice you can trust to help you on your personal journey and to make informed decisions about your money - so you can achieve your dreams and goals. Whether you’re moving up the corporate ladder or planning your retirement, Momentum’s certified financial planners can help you get there. We:

  • Help you make informed decisions about your money to achieve your goals..
  • Provide expert advice to assist with all your financial planning needs.
  • Assist you with a tailored financial plan for your specific needs.

What is Momentum Financial Planning?

We’re a team of professional financial advisers that understands the challenges ordinary South Africans face. We understand that everyone has different financial goals that are important to them - that’s why we provide them with end-to-end solutions for their different life stages. Using our unique financial wellness framework, we can provide holistic financial solutions.

We’re here for you every step of the way

Whether you’re an individual looking for a financial adviser, a business owner looking for a financial expert, or interested in the requirements of becoming a financial adviser, we can help.

I am a new or existing Momentum client

Tailored financial advice based on your unique goals and individual circumstances.

I want to join Momentum as a financial adviser

Join our winning team and become part of our network of professional financial advisers.

More about Momentum Financial Planning

We’re here to positively impact your journey to success, because we care.

Man’s hands over a desk with financial documents and a calculator holing a pen in one hand.

Our commitment to you

We’re committed to fulfilling our clients’ lifelong needs by helping with the planning and achievement of financial goals and dreams.

We do this by conducting a comprehensive overview of your financial needs and help you with structuring a personalised financial plan to match your income and life stage.

A financial advisor sitting with a couple sharing a delightful moment.

We believe in the value of financial advice

The earlier you start planning for your future, the more likely you are to reach your financial goals. We’ll help you work out your short, medium and long-terms goals and prioritise them, so you can start planning and managing your finances to achieve them.

How to find the right
financial adviser

Find specialised financial advice for your needs - from insurance cover, to saving, to estate and retirement planning.

Find a financial adviser
near you

I’d like to find a financial adviser near me to help with my personal financial plan.

Contact Momentum Financial Planning

I’d specifically like a Momentum financial adviser to contact me about my personal financial plan.

Contact Momentum Financial Planning

General financial planning

Business hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00. Closed on weekends and public holidays.

Client service and claims

Based on your selection during the telephonic prompts, you will be routed to the relevant product call centre.

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