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Reimagine your retirement

Our Guaranteed Annuity Portfolio can help you make the rest of your life, the best of your life.

Have you ever imagined what your life in retirement will look like? It’s a time for new beginnings and a time to make important decisions.

But you no longer have to choose between the certainty of a life annuity and the flexibility of a living annuity. We’ve reimagined retirement income planning into a blended product solution supported by a state-of-the-art income illustrator to give you:

  • The flexibility of a living annuity that can give you investment growth.
  • The certainty of a life annuity that pays you a guaranteed income for life.
  • Guidance to help you choose the best solution for you.

Annuity options when you retire

A life annuity

A life annuity pays a guaranteed income for life, so it provides a great match for your basic expenses like having a place to live, medical aid, groceries and other regular essential spending, what we refer to as life expenses.

However, it’s not as flexible so you may not be able to make spontaneous decisions like paying for a holiday, starting a business, contributing to a special life event, as well as the opportunity leave a legacy when you are no longer here.

A living annuity

With a living annuity, you can tailor their income by choosing an income level of between 2.5% and 17.5% of the investment value, which you can adjust every year. You also have the flexibility to choose investment components to suit your investment strategy.

But, if you don’t strike the right balance between life and living expenses, there may be the risk of running out of money to pay for even the bare necessities.

A retirement income option with the best of both worlds

We believe there is a better way for you to plan and structure your finances when you retire by ensuring a sustainable income in retirement and blending the need for certainty and flexibility.

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When you retire, it's a balancing act between:

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Guaranteed income

A guaranteed income that removes all the risk but has no market participation, no flexibility and sometimes a lack of being able to leave a legacy.

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Flexible income

A flexible income that could run out or become insufficient, but with the opportunity to participate in investment markets and the ability to transfer money to your loved ones upon your death.

Guaranteed Annuity Portfolio

We have reimagined retirement income planning by enhancing the Retirement Income Option, our living annuity. You no longer have to choose between protection and growth. You can blend the 2-in-1 unique solution to meet your income needs when you retire and throughout your retirement years.

You can choose to allocate a portion of your retirement money to a component within a Retirement Income Option to provide a guaranteed income for life.

Your financial adviser can compare different income scenarios with the help of our income illustrator to guide your decision about how much you should allocate to the Guaranteed Annuity Portfolio to suit your unique income requirements and circumstances.

Retirement Income Option

Choose to protect a portion of your retirement income for as long as you live. You can add the new Guaranteed Annuity Portfolio if you want to blend certainty and flexibility in one retirement income product.

Minimum investment

From R50 000 lump sum

Investment period

For as long as you live, provided that there is money to pay you an income.


Choose and adapt your income level within the regulated limits.

Enjoy tax-free growth.

Wide choice of investment funds and solutions to suit your needs and goals, including the new Guaranteed Annuity Portfolio.

Choose to protect a portion of your retirement income for as long as you live. You can add the new Guaranteed Annuity Portfolio if you want to blend certainty and flexibility in one retirement income product.

Need financial advice?

A financial adviser can help you with financial and investment planning on your journey to success.

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