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A young son wearing a mid-green hoodie top standing in the boot of the SUV and his dad embrace in a loving hug while smiling. The son has a few front teeth missing.

Benefits and rewards

Welcome to a world of benefits and rewards with Momentum Insure. Here's how we reward and keep you, your loved ones, and the things you love safe:

  • Safety Alert provides free assistance at the touch of a button on the Momentum App whenever you or someone close to you feels unsafe.
  • Safety Bonus of up to 30% cashback on your premiums as a reward for being safe on the road and in your home.
  • 24-hour assistance with Momentum Assist for roadside, home, legal, and medical emergencies.

How we reward you for keeping safe

A woman sitting on a train heading safely to her next destination, earning herself a Safe Day, while reading her planner to prepare her for the rest of the day.

Safe DayzTM

  • Safe DayzTM, available on the Momentum App, records and gives you a score of your journey based on your driving behaviour.
  • Score an average of 60% or more on a day to earn one safe day.
  • Earn Safe Dayz even on non-travel days as long as the Momentum App is activated and your GPS settings are on.
A young lady wearing a black and white dress and a denim jacket standing in front of a cream-coloured vintage car happy about her Safety Bonus she’s earned.

Safety Bonus

Up to 30% cashback on your premiums, every year, even if you claim, when you combine the results from:

  • your Safety Score questionnaire;
  • the number of Safe Dayz™ earned for good driving behaviour; and
  • your Multiply status.

A young couple standing in front of their home’s porch front happy about receiving 15% of their paid premiums back in cash for remaining claim-free for 4 consecutive years with Momentum Rewarder.

Momentum Rewarder

  • An optional benefit that rewards you with 15% of your paid premiums back in cash for remaining claim-free for 4 consecutive years.
  • Once a claim has been settled, a new Momentum Rewarder cycle will begin immediately after the incident date for that claim.

How we keep you safe

A family of 7 sitting in the boot of their SUV awaiting help from the responder as they used the Safety Alert feature that is free of charge for Momentum Insure policyholders.

Safety Alert

  • Momentum Insure policyholders plus an additional nominee can make use of Safety Alert, available on the Momentum App, at no extra cost.
  • Unlimited access to 1 800 armed responders 24/7/365 days a year for the policyholder and the nominee.
  • Real-time and interactive map to track the responding vehicle’s movement plus details of the responder that will be dispatched.

Momentum Insure agents from Momentum Assist helping a policyholder with their request.

Momentum Assist

  • Free 24/7/365 assistance for emergencies on the road, at home, as well as medical and legal emergencies.
  • Roadside assistance with all car insurance policies.
  • Home assistance with buildings and household contents cover.
  • Legal and medical assistance for all car, buildings, and home contents cover.
A young female opening her bag to place her cell phone inside. Momentum Insure ha a specific cover for females that covers handbag loss or theft and its contents.

Optional female benefits and rewards

Female breast cancer cover for:

  • An accidental, violent, external and visible cause (accident) that results in the loss of a breast within 12 months from the date of the accident.
  • First positive diagnosis of a malignant tumour by a qualified physician specialising in breast cancer.
Handbag cover for loss or theft of a handbag and its contents.

The side of a car showing the wheel as it’s driving on the road. Tyre cover is an optional benefit with Momentum Insure. It covers for loss or damage to tyres fitted to your insured vehicle that are accidentally and irreparably damaged.

Tyre cover

  • Optional benefit, available with vehicle cover only, for loss or damage to tyres fitted to your insured vehicle that are accidentally and irreparably damaged.
  • Cover is limited to a maximum of 2 events per year, not exceeding 2 tyres per event.

A young woman using the HomeDrive facility through Momentum Insure while sitting in the back seat of the car while the driver takes her safely home.

Momentum HomeDrive

  • Getting you and your car home safe when you’re unable to drive or when you just want a personal chauffer to get you around.
  • Optional cover with 6 complimentary trips a year.
  • Limited to a 50km radius from the pick-up point.

A landscape image of a car parked to on the left hand side showing the river in the valley with the mountains on either side.

Momentum Explorer

  • Optional cover for vehicles, trailers, and watercraft when you are travelling to neighbouring countries. Includes wider geographical cover and additional benefits so you can enjoy the adventure with none of the worry.

Want to know more?

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Car and home insurance legal and compliance

Submitting a car and home claim

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Being safe pays off with Momentum Insure

Earn cashbacks and discounts from Momentum Multiply rewards partners for making your car and home safe spaces for you and those you love.

Need cover?

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