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Find the latest news and updates on developments shaping the financial world and your investments as well as the latest research to keep you informed of economic developments. Our media centre has all the information you need to stay informed and up to date with news and insight from industry experts.

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Latest news

Economies at a glance
November 2023

This document, produced by our macro research team, consists of an easy-to-read chartbook of what is happening in the economy and a snapshot of the index returns for the month.

Economies at a glance | November 2023

External trade trends: Current account deficit narrowed significantly in Q3 2023

SA’s current account deficit is not regarded as unsustainable yet but could potentially weaken the rand.

In the Moment | December 2023

Real GDP contracted marginally by 0.2% q/q in 2023 Q3

A document prepared by our macro research team on the latest figures for gross domestic product.

In the Moment | December 2023

Sci-Fi Report 2023

The start of the Sci-Fi 2023 report period saw markets surging, resulting in a rapidly accelerating behaviour tax.

The behavioural science of South African financial decisions | November 2023

Mindfields: Client risk management

This edition covers aspects such as the difficulty of making decisions in the context of investment and the noise in the process.

Mindfields | August 2023

Mindfields: Price and Liquidity Risk Management

In our third risk-themed edition of Mindfields, we share thought-provoking articles on price and liquidity risk management.

Mindfields | April 2023

Key market performance drivers: October 2023

Industrial stocks are still the biggest contributors to the Capped SWIX, as Naspers and Prosus continue their strong performance, over a 12 month period.

KMPD | October 2023

Key market performance drivers: September 2023

It was another strong month for industrial stock as Naspers and Prosus are the top contributors to the Capped SWIX in the last 12 months.

KMPD | September 2023

Key market performance drivers: August 2023

Resources took a hit as 5 of the top 8 detractors for the Capped SWIX are resource stocks.

KMPD | August 2023


Reflecting on the state of the world and markets, the analogy of a coiled spring comes to mind.

MoneyMarketing | December 2023

Blue Chip Journal

Smart Beta has disrupted the binary choice between active and passive investing.

Blue Chip | November 2023


Reimagining retirement planning with innovative thinking.

MoneyMarketing | November 2023

Legal update 8 of 2023

Case law on ill-health retirement

Legal update 7 of 2023

FSCA Guidance Notice 1 of 2023 on section 14(7)

Legal update 6 of 2023

Case law on cybersecurity matters

Legal update 5 of 2023

Case law on customary marriage and
spousal maintenance

Legal update 4 of 2023

Case law on fraud and misconduct in the workplace

Legal update 3 of 2023

Case law on divorce orders and pension interest

Legal update 2 of 2023

Public Sector Fund benefits

Legal update 1 of 2023

Taxation Laws Amendment Act 20 of 2022

Fund Fact Sheet Terminology

Press releases


Momentum Investments and Stellenbosch University partner in machine learning research


Momentum Investments and Robeco launch partnership in Southern Africa


Ferdi van Heerden appointed as CEO of Momentum Investments

JULY 2023

Momentum Investments appoints new CIO

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5 November 2021

Eight things to look out for in the medium-term budget

A document prepared by our macro research team on what to look out for in the medium-term budget.

6 July 2021

Momentum Wealth partners
with FNZ

Momentum Wealth, one of the largest linked investment service providers (LISPs) in South Africa with assets under administration of more than R200 billion, has partnered with FNZ, a leading international technology, transaction and custody services provider.

3 May 2021

Momentum Value Equity Fund

Here’s why value investing has not run out of steam | Momentum Value Equity Fund grows AUM by almost 70%, driven by a recovery in the equity market and by strong inflows.

21 April 2021

Understanding the true cost of noise when investing

Why judges, investors and advisors shouldn’t make decisions on an empty stomach.

8 March 2021

International Women's Day

Key tips to Financial Freedom: Empowering women to challenge gender inequality this International Women’s Day.

22 February 2021

Budget Speech Wishlist

We ask the experts for advice on this year’s Budget. Momentum leaders weigh-in on what they would like to see in Budget Speech 2021.

11 February 2021

MGIM New Investment
Director appointment

Momentum Global Investment Management Appoints New Investment Director.

21 January 2021

SA investors turn to guaranteed investment solutions amid COVID-19 uncertainty

Just when South Africans thought they’d seen the worst in 2020, the second wave of COVID-19 infections hit. Given this latest resurgence of volatility and uncertainty, local investors are understandably concerned about the state of the market and what they can do to protect themselves.

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9 November 2020

Eris Property Group
Student Accommodation

Eris Property Group raises initial R500 million in funding for its student accommodation impact investment vehicle.

6 November 2020

Understanding the Science behind Financial Success

New behavioural finance research shows how greed and fear impact returns over time.

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Lawrence Koikoi, senior listed property portfolio manager, discusses listed property.

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Loftie Botha, portfolio manager, talks smart beta.

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