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COVID-19 SA resource centre

Get the latest news, statistics and media releases on COVID-19 on the official South African government’s Online Resource and News Portal.

Cheslin Kolbe looking under the hood of his car as the steam escapes while his partner is in the passenger seat using the Safety Alert feature from Momentum Insure available on the Momentum App.

The Science of Safety

We’re often driven by emotions – we react to a person, place, or situation. This is just human behaviour.

At Momentum Insure, we understand human behaviour. We've learnt that you need to feel safe with us. We’re not just using the theory, but putting what we have learnt into action.

We believe that when theory is put into action, your concern converts into confidence.

Work colleagues who have been vaccinated celebrating at the office on a completed project.

Get vaccinated today

Office parties, birthday celebrations, and collaborating with your colleagues seems like a distant memory. But, it doesn’t have to be. If we all aim to get vaccinated, we can get back to a work routine and enjoy the spirit of togetherness safely.

Book a slot and go to a vaccination site to receive your COVID-19 vaccine.

A young man and woman, who has a laptop on her lap, talking positively on how they plan to regain their momentum in 2020.

Keeping our momentum during lockdown

We’re here to help you write this new chapter on your journey. Our pledge is to be here for you as you build your new momentum - and our way of thanking you for being unstoppable. #2020TwoPointZero

Your success. Your move.

30 Questions with Sherlin Barends – a woman who gets to do it all.
Watch her interview for a guide for living with self-care, self-love and celebrating your successes.


Corporate solutions

Your employees are your greatest asset. As an employer, Momentum Corporate can help your employees to achieve their financial goals before and after retirement. Our life insurance solutions help take care of employees, and their families, should an unexpected life event happen.


Download the Momentum App today

Get convenient access to all your Momentum products and rewards. You can also use the App to submit claims and so much more.

Holistic view of your Momentum products.
View and calculate your Momentum Multiply points and rewards.
Submit and view claims on the App.
Track your Active Dayz™ and Safe Dayz™.
Download and share your tax certificates.


Award-winning solutions

Momentum’s Smart Underwriting solution won a Silver Loerie Award in the Service Design category. The solution reinvents the underwriting experience allowing customers to engage with the insurer on everyday channels in real time.

Hedge Fund Awards Awards logo

Hedge Fund

Momentum Investments won this award for the Momentum RCIS ZAR Diversified
QI Fund.

Raging Bull Award logo

Raging Bull

For the second year in a row, Momentum Investments won this prestigious award. Golden Arrow Award Golden
Arrow Award

Favourable rating – Annual survey of medical scheme administrators Momentum Health Solutions.

Loerie Awards logo

Silver Loerie Award – Service Design

Momentum’s Smart Underwriting solution won a Silver Loerie Award in the Service Design category.


Become a Momentum Maker

We’re always on the lookout for diverse, innovative and fresh talent to join our team. Take the leap and explore our careers.

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