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Momentum Staff Care Solutions

Access to healthcare is an integral component to an employee’s health and wellbeing. Private healthcare vehicles like medical schemes remain unaffordable to a large portion of the low-income workforce. Momentum StaffCare Solutions offers a holistic, cost-effective healthcare solution to employer groups to cater for this need.

Who is eligible for this product offering? Employer groups with 5 or more employees, earning a monthly income of less than R10 000 per employee per month.

In line with Momentum’s focus on innovation and flexibility, Momentum StaffCare follows a building block approach. Employers can choose the combination of benefits most suitable to their employees’ needs and available budget.

Momentum Staff Care Solutions Product Ranges

OCSACare Occupational Healthcare offers cover to employer groups who want to cover only employees.

Health4Me Health Insurance offers cover to employer groups who want to cover either only employees, or employees and their family members.

OCSACare Occupational HealthcareHealth4Me Health Insurance
Day-to-day BenefitsDay-to-day Benefits






Major Medical Event Benefits


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OCSACare Occupational Healthcare

Benefit Member Type Bronze Silver Gold
Day-to-day Benefit Employee (excl. VAT) R197.00 R214.00 R235.00
Employee (incl. VAT) R224.58 R243.96 R267.90

Health4Me Health Insurance

Benefit Member Type Bronze Silver Gold
Day-to-day Benefit Employee R197.00 R214.00 R235.00
Spouse R197.00 R214.00 R235.00
Child R99.00 R107.00 R118.00
Benefit Member Type Base Standard
Accident Cover Employee R49.00 R69.00
Spouse R49.00 R69.00
Child R29.00 R39.00
Hospital Cash Benefit Employee R59.00 R89.00
Spouse R59.00 R89.00
Child R29.00 R49.00
Funeral Benefit Employee R12.00 R14.00
Spouse R12.00 R14.00
Child R6.00 R7.00

 Health4Me Health Insurance premiums are exempt from VAT.
 Brokers selling Health4Me Health Insurance benefits are required to have a FAIS Category 1.3 Long-Term Insurance Licence.

Note: Staff Care Solutions is not a medical scheme product, and is not a substitute for medical scheme membership.

The information provided on this site does not constitute advice in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act. Momentum is a division of MMI Group Limited. MMI Group Limited is an authorised financial services provider (FSP 6406) and a wholly owned subsidiary of MMI Holdings Limited.

Alternatively, if you are interested in medical aid, join Momentum Health, a flexible healthcare solution.