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An excited, denim jacket-donning African guy promoting the 30% discount on the 2023 tax return for Momentum clients with Taxtim, with a thumbs up.

Tax season 2023

It's tax time! Give your 2023 tax season momentum by using TaxTim. It's easy, quick, convenient and in compliance with SARS (South African Revenue Service).

Here's the dates to submit your tax return for 2023:

Individual taxpayers (non-provisional): 7 July 2023 to 23 October 2023.
Provisional taxpayers: 7 July 2023 to 24 January 2024.


  • Up to 30% discount available for Momentum clients.
  • 80% of TaxTim users get a SARS refund.
  • Avoid penalties and maximise your tax refund with TaxTim.
Lady in a mustard dungaree looking at  her laptop screen and preparing to file her tax return.

How can I make my tax work for me?

When you file with TaxTim, you receive a Tax Health Score that shows your tax efficiency. Share your Tax Health Score with your financial adviser and get tips on becoming more tax savvy.
Accelerate your journey to financial success. If you’re a Multiply client, you can earn 100 Multiply points when your financial adviser submits a declaration of advice rendered.

Maximise your possible refund this tax season

80% of TaxTim users get a SARS refund. TaxTim asks questions that are designed to uncover all your available tax deductions to reduce your tax. Learn how to become more tax-smart by making sure you’re not paying too much tax by overlooking common tax rebates, like the home office deduction and contributions towards a retirement annuity. Sign-up for TaxTim tax deadlines, news, and tips to stay up to date with the latest developments from SARS.

Accelerate your journey to success

When you use TaxTim you get a range of benefits that help you on your tax journey to success.

Your information is secure Your personal data is always kept secure. Absolutely no compromise.
Tax experts on hand TaxTim is maintained by registered tax practitioners who can help you with those slightly more complicated tax questions.
Fully integrated with SARS Once TaxTim is authorised, they import your IRP5 data and file your tax return directly with SARS. So, you can file with confidence.

How can I get the best tax advice?

It’s a good idea to consult with a financial adviser a few times a year, not only when tax season starts, as they may be able to identify deductions you might not have discovered otherwise. Finding that out during the tax year, rather than when preparing your return, gives you time to track down the documents you need to maximise your tax benefits.

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