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A tilted view of the Momentum Money Visa card which can be linked to the Payment Wallet to shop securely online using Scan to Pay on the Momentum Money App.

The Momentum Money card

Apply for the sleek Momentum Money card and use it to access your money easily and instantly.

Link your card to your Payment Wallet and shop securely online using Scan to Pay on the App, or you can simply swipe or tap your card to make payments in-store anywhere in South Africa like with any other bank card.

  • Swipe online and in-store anywhere in South Africa.
  • On the move? Tap and go.
  • Apply for a card on the Momentum Money App.

Higher returns, lowest investment fees

Wooden blocks stacked at increasing height with a blue arrow depicting growth painted on each stack.

Momentum Money is a Digital Savings Account that offers an innovative savings plan solution that pools and invests clients’ funds into a money market fund, enabling us to provide a compelling interest rate at reduced fees.

  • An annual investment fee of 0.115% is deducted by the fund manager, Momentum Collective Investments, before the interest is paid.
  • There is an annual admin fee of between 1% and 1.4%. The higher your savings balance, the lower your admin fee!
  • You need a minimum balance of R25 in your Savings Wallet to keep your account active.

How do I apply for a Momentum Money card?

Momentum Money App Click on 'My cards'. You'll be prompted to confirm your email address and cell phone number.
Let our service champion call you A service champion will call you and help process your card application.
Your card is delivered to your doorstep Provide a copy of your ID and proof of residence (not older than 3 months) to the courier. Or nominate, in writing, for someone to accept your card on your behalf.
Card activation We’ll activate your card as soon as we receive and verify your documents.
Download the Momentum App from the Huawei AppGallery today.

Our Scan to Pay partners

Use the Momentum Money App to Scan to Pay at selected retail partners.

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Two mobile screens displaying the Momentum Money App dashboard. One of the screens shows the balance on the Savings Wallet and the Payment Wallet.

Open your account on the Momentum Money App

We've removed the hoops and hurdles to make signing up for a Momentum Money Digital Savings Account effortless.

Download the App and sign up for an account in just under 2 minutes. We've kept the admin minimal to fast track your journey to financial success.

Download the Momentum Money App. Available on your favourite App store.
Sign up with your details. Create a profile, verify your cell phone number, and activate your account.
Make your first deposit. Start with any amount.
Apply for a card. Get real-time access to your money when you need to make a purchase online or in-store, anywhere in South Africa.

Download the Momentum App from the Huawei AppGallery today.

Sign up for Momentum Money

Are you interested in a Momentum Money Digital Savings Account? Give us a call and speak to a friendly service champion, or simply open an account on the Momentum Money App in under 2 minutes.

Momentum Money FAQs

Find all the answers you need in our frequently asked questions section.

Where do I find my account details to make deposits?

Click "Add money" on the Momentum Money App to see your account details. Your deposits will be reflected in your Payment Wallet. Remember to transfer money to your Savings Wallet to start earning interest.
Why do my Momentum Money account details say Sasfin?

We have partnered with Sasfin Bank to allow you to deposit money into your Momentum Money Payment Wallet.
After making a deposit, when will I start earning interest?

The money you deposit will reflect in your Payment Wallet. Simply transfer money to your Savings Wallet to start earning interest daily.
How can I access funds in my Momentum Money?

You can swipe your Momentum Money Visa card online and in-store countrywide. You can also make cardless payments via Scan to Pay at participating retailers, and send money to other people with Momentum Money.

Contact Momentum Money

Fraud, lost or stolen card

Open 24 hours, 7 days a week, including public holidays.

Client services

Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 07:00 to 19:00. We're closed on Sundays and public holidays.

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