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Unit trust investments

Invest in unit trusts across all major asset classes. We have a range of local unit trusts and offshore unit trusts to suit your personal investment needs and goals.

  • Grow your money with as little as R250 a month or R2 000 lump sum amount.
  • 3 - 7-year investment plans available with varying exposure to the markets.
  • Access your money whenever you need it.

Momentum collective investments

Want to invest in the future?

Watch the Future Trends video to find out how.

Momentum collective investments

Want to invest in the future?

Watch the Future Trends video to find out how.

Momentum unit trusts

Invest in local or offshore unit trusts with Momentum to help you save for your retirement, your child’s education, a holiday, or any of life’s events that are important to you. We have a range of unit trust funds to choose from including multi-asset, multi-manager, fixed income, index, smart beta, equity, and property funds.

Local unit trusts

A local unit trust with superior medium- to long-term capital growth using equity, bond, and money market unit trusts.

Offshore unit trusts

Take advantage of foreign currency unit trusts, also known as global funds. This is a collective investment scheme that invests in international markets, usually equities or fixed-income securities.

What is a unit trust?

A unit trust is a type of investment that combines your money with the money of other investors who have similar investment objectives. You can invest anything from 3 to 7 years, depending on your needs. It gives you easy and affordable access to financial markets to grow or protect your money.

Our professional fund managers use the pool of money to buy underlying investments to construct a unit trust that is split into equal chunks called "units" or “funds”. You will own units according to the amount of money you invest and the price of the units on the day you buy them.

How to choose a unit trust?

We offer a range of unit trusts to suit all your personal investment needs and goals. You can typically choose a lower risk unit trust with more stability for shorter-term needs, or a unit trust with a potential higher return for long-term needs.

A financial adviser can help you choose the most suitable unit trusts or other investment options.

How to invest in unit trusts in South Africa

Minimum investment amounts Local unit trusts: from R2 000 lump sum or from R250 per month.

Global unit trusts: from R2 000 lump sum or from R250 per month for

Rand-denominated funds.
Process Invest in one of 2 ways:

Complete an application: Fill in the application form for individuals.

Financial adviser: Ask your financial adviser for assistance.

What you need to know about unit trusts

Access and flexibility

You can access your money whenever you need it. To buy and sell is easy, and you can invest more or withdraw your money within a couple of days.


A unit trust typically has an investment management and a financial adviser fee if you use a financial adviser to invest in unit trusts. Each fund fact sheet sets out the fees for that unit trust.


You’ll be liable for any tax in your personal capacity. We will send you a tax certificate every tax year for each of your unit trusts.

Effective investing

Financial markets generally go through cycles over time, which means that the value of your unit trust investment can go up or down.

Our philosophy

We believe and practise extensive planning to achieve your investment goals. Each plan is tailored specifically to your needs and no two are the same. We never take shortcuts or give you short-term solutions for your long-term goals.

  • We solve for your investment goals.
  • We make the journey as comfortable as possible.
  • We remain focused on your investment outcomes.

Because with us, investing is personal.

Fund price history

Need more information?

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Invest in unit trusts

Grow your money. Our financial advisors can help you get started.

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Investments for individuals

Momentum Wealth

Office hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.

Momentum Wealth International

Office hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00 (Central Africa Time). We’re closed on weekends.


Office hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.

Discretionary fund management

General enquiries

Request a call back if you’re a financial adviser wanting to speak to a DFM representative about customised investment solutions for your clients’.

Momentum Investments is part of Momentum Metropolitan Life Limited, an authorised financial services (FSP6406) and registered credit provider (NCRCP173), rated B-BBEE Level 1.

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