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Tips to achieve financial success

Momentum has partnered with Geldhelde for a second season that returns to your screens on Monday, 3 February 2020. In this new season, we'll be giving you practical financial tips that you can apply to your everyday life to help you achieve financial success.

This new season has something to offer anyone who is interested in finance and money in general. There's something for aspiring traders, or people who just want to look after their money a little better.

  • Money Heroes - Tips and advice from financial experts.
  • Success stories - Every week, we’ll chat to successful people to find the money story behind their success.
  • Stockbroking game - 5 teams compete to see who’s
    R20 000 investment will grow the most in 6 months.

Advice to help you get smarter about your money

Financial success is about good decision-making. We need to get better at thinking about how our actions today affect us - not only tomorrow, but decades down the road. With the right financial knowledge, you can give you and your family financial stability.

Watch Geldhelde to learn how you can manage your finances better

Catch Geldhelde every Monday at 19:30. Season 2 starts Monday, 3 February on via, DStv-channel 147.


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