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Momentum Flexible Tax-Free Investment Option

Earn tax-free investment returns with a Momentum Flexible Tax-Free Option.

You have an opportunity to make your money work harder for you by investing in the Momentum Flexible Tax-free Option, a tax-free savings account that gives you investment growth without the dividend, income and capital gains tax that comes with it. A tax-free account is a quick, easy and tax-efficient way of growing your wealth at a faster rate than any equivalent taxable investment product.

You can use your Momentum Flexible Tax-Free Option to save towards your child’s education, your future house, to boost your retirement savings or for anything else that's important to you.

Why should I invest in a tax free investment?

No tax

These tax-free accounts do not attract South African tax on dividends or interest received or capital gains tax in your investment.

Estate planning benefits

Proceeds are immediately paid to your nominated beneficiaries without any executor fees charged in your estate.

Compounded growth

If you keep your investment for a long period of time, you further benefit from the compounding effect of the tax-free returns allowing for significantly higher growth potential of the capital in this investment.


Your money is immediately accessible whenever you need it with no penalties being charged.

You can start an investment for your child using their South African identity number. The yearly and lifetime limits will be applied for each investor and any investment you make for them will not affect your limits.


You can choose from a range of South African market leading collective investment schemes for the investment.

How much can I invest?

There is a yearly limit of the amount you can invest in tax-free savings accounts and an overall lifetime investment limit. The yearly limit for the 2017 to 2018 tax year is R33 000 and your lifetime limit is R500 000. It is important not to breach these limits as it will result in tax penalties. You must also be aware that if you take money from your investment, it will not reset the amounts you can invest in that year or during your life.

To start a Momentum Flexible Tax-free Option you can make a once-off investment of not less than R15 000 or you can start with a regular monthly investment of at least R1000 every month.

We will monitor your investments in each tax year taking all your Momentum Investments into account. This is to help ensure you do not pay the tax penalty. We unfortunately do not know if you have the same types of investments at any other provider. It is important to be aware that the limits apply to you and all tax-free savings investments you have with all providers

Click here for our Momentum Flexible Tax-free Option brochure.

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