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Car and home insurance FAQs

Car insurance FAQs

What if I am noted as the regular driver on my car, but someone else drives it more frequently?

A regular driver is the person who drives the vehicle most often in any monthly period. Our premiums are charged based on the profile of the regular driver, meaning if a different driver from the one noted on the premium is considered the regular driver, then the monthly premium is incorrect and will not be covered.

For example, if a ‘regular driver’ (45-year-old) lets a driver (18-year-old) drive their vehicle to university daily without notifying us, we will charge a premium based on the profile of the ‘regular driver’ (45-year-old) rather than on the profile of the 18-year-old driver. This simply means we are receiving an incorrect premium, therefore, the vehicle is not covered. If the ‘regular driver’ changes, make sure you notify us immediately for continuous cover.

Does it matter if the vehicle is used for private or business purposes?

Yes, in order to have cover, it is vital that you insure your vehicle for the correct use.
In which countries is my vehicle covered?

Your vehicle is covered in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe when used for private purposes.

If your vehicle is insured for business use, it is not covered while being used for business purposes outside South Africa unless you have selected the specific optional cover for business use in countries outside South Africa.

What if the address of where the vehicle is kept as noted on the policy, changes?

Always inform us immedicately if the address of where the vehicle is kept changes to have continuous cover and a valid claim.
Do I need anti-theft devices, like a tracker, in my vehicle?

You may need to fit additional anti-theft devices in your vehicle depending on what's noted on your policy.

Home insurance FAQs

Are jewellery and watches regarded as home contents?

No, these must be specified under Personal Belongings Insurance.
If I take items covered under Home Contents Insurance out of the house, will they still be covered?

Yes, we will cover you for loss or damage to household goods temporarily removed from your home, like your coffee machine or decoder, etc. The cover provided is limited to 10% of the sum of contents insured.
What happens if I move?

Always inform us of a change of address to have continuous cover and a valid claim.
What happens if I let or sublet a home with my home contents inside?

You must inform us of this for continuous cover and a valid claim.

Business insurance FAQS

What does insurance cover in a business?

Comprehensive cover protects you from financial losses such as theft, fire, employee injuries, weather damage from lighning or a storm, and accidental or malicious damage.
How much does public liability insurance cost in South Africa?

It depends on the size of your business and how many employees you have. Give us a call and we’ll be able to provide you with a quote.
Does business insurance cover company cars?

Business insurance covers all registered cars, motorcycles, trucks, and any other type of vehicle used to run your business against theft, damage, and lost-key replacement.
What business insurance do I need?

General liability insurance is the most common cover for businesses as it provides a broad type of cover. But, assess your business and insure accordingly.

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