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Building (home) Insurance

Choose the cover you need and get a quick home insurance quote using the online home insurance calculator or let us call you back for a building insurance quote.

  • You get free 24/7 emergency assistance.
  • Up to 30% cashback bonus, as part of your Momentum Multiply benefit.
  • Cover tailored to your Building (home) Insurance needs.

Why Home Insurance is important

Financial protection for your home or related structure, if something were to happen to it.

As a homeowner, your property is easily one of your biggest assets, but it’s also one of your biggest financial responsibilities. We give you great cover from the ground up so your building and finances are protected.

Building Insurance includes the immovable structures of your building - walls, roof, outbuildings, windows, boundary walls, lapa, geyser, fitted wardrobes, safety structures like burglar bars, and built-in appliances like a stove.

Events like natural disasters, geysers bursting, or accidental fires are unpredictable. With our Building Insurance we can help you prepare for unexpected incidents. See our Building Insurance as a great investment: you wouldn’t want to be left out in the cold with a large amount of debt to rebuild your home should something happen to it.

How much homeowners insurance cover you need

Enough to be able to cover the costs to repair or rebuild your property from the foundation up.

It’s important to insure your building for its replacement value, which should be accurately calculated, so that you’re fully protected and not under-insured.

You can determine the value of your property by either calling in a professional to do a proper valuation, or take the amount you bought or built your house for, and add inflation costs and any additional building enhancements.

Things to remember when calculating the value of your building

Basic structures
  • Building type.
  • Boundary walls.
  • Roof type.
  • Paving.
  • Outbuildings.
  • Number of storeys.
Smaller things and structural improvements
  • Electronic gate.
  • Shade cloth carports.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Burglar bars.
  • Borehole.
  • Solar panels and heating system.
  • Thatched lapa.
  • Spa and hot tubs.
  • Tennis court.
  • Intercoms and alarms.
  • Wendy house.
  • Koi pond.
  • Taps, door knobs etc.
Things to consider, should you need to rebuild your home
  • Demolition charges.
  • Professional and municipal fees.
  • Waste or debris removal.
  • Costs to make the site safe.

Momentum's Building Insurance

With Momentum Car and Home Insurance, you can trust that we will always be here for you when you need us.

What does Momentum Building Insurance cover?

All immovable structures on your property, including your house, outbuildings, permanent fixtures and fittings such as burglar bars, geyser, fitted wardrobes, and built-in appliances, as well as improvements.

What incidents we protect you from

We’ll cover you for loss or damage subject to the maximum amounts payable and the validity of a claim, resulting from:

  • Loss of water due to leaking pipes.
  • Acts of nature like wind, lightning, storm, hail, flood or snow.
  • Bursting of geysers and pressurised water pipes.
  • Fire, explosion and earthquake.
  • Subsidence; landslides resulting from natural shifts or human activity.
  • Impact from non-domestic animals, aircrafts and articles dropped from them, vehicles and falling trees.
  • Theft and other intentional acts.
  • Power surges and dips.
  • Alterations and additions.

Your home insurance benefits include

All benefits are subject to the maximum amounts payable and the validity of the claim.

Fire brigade costs

If there’s a fire and you call out the fire brigade, we’ll cover the reasonable cost.

Accidental loss or damage to others’ property

You are covered in the case of accidental loss of or damage to property belonging to people other than members of your household and your domestic employees.

Your temporary accommodation costs

When you temporarily need a place to stay, following a loss, we will make sure you find a home away from home.

Accidental death or bodily injury to other people

You are covered in the case of accidental death or bodily injury to people other than members of your household and your domestic employees.

Additional home cover options

Theft cover for unoccupied buildings

Your holiday home and all its goodies are protected from theft when it’s unoccupied.

Veld fires

This is to cover for loss, damage or bodily injury caused by the spreading of a veld or forest fire.

Property used for business purposes

This cover ensures that any of your properties used for business purposes are protected, and it is important to specify these properties on your policy, so you can get the best protection.

Comprehensive subsidence cover

Insurance that protects you when the land on which your property is located, sinks or caves in.

Our Building Insurance benefits

We’ve gained some momentum in the industry over the last 53 years. That’s why we’re confident about the reasons why you should choose us.

Woman wearing jeans, t-shirt and working gloves sitting on the floor in front of a plug checking the electrical outlet for a current using a multimeter.

Free 24/7 home assistance

You can rely on Momentum Assist to be there for you when you have a home emergency.

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Cash back to treat yourself

You can earn up to 30% of your Building Insurance premiums back in cash every year, even if you claim, as part of your Momentum Multiply benefit.

A financial adviser and client hold a meeting and are sitting across each other, with a laptop and day planner on the table between them.

You get expert advice

We give you expert advice before you take up any of our products - so you’ll know the product as well as we do.

How we reward you

We offer you simple ways to get rewarded with Momentum Car and Home Insurance.

Red Momentum Multiply logo
Our world-class wellness and rewards programme

When you take out Momentum Car and Home Insurance, you automatically get Multiply Starter, the base tier of Momentum’s rewards programme. All you need to do is activate Safe Dayz™ on the Momentum App and complete the quick and easy Safety Score questionnaire, and you’re well on your way to earning cashbacks. You also get discounts from Multiply’s partners like Pick ‘n Pay, Mango and more.

Want to know more about Home Insurance?

Do I need to insure the building if I am a tenant?

No, the owner will take out Building Insurance. You can take out Home Contents Insurance to protect your items inside the building.
Is my geyser covered under Building Insurance?

Yes, as it is a fixed structure in your house, but be sure to tell us about it so that we can note it on your policy.
If I am renting out a garden cottage on my property that is a different structure than my main home, will this be covered?

To ensure you are covered, you will need to notify us of the structure (i.e. shed, separate garages, wendy house, etc.) and specify the materials used for the structure (i.e. if the garden cottage has a thatch roof) so that it can be noted on your policy.
Will I be covered for damage by insects and pests?

No, you will not be covered for damage caused by insects and pests.
What can’t I claim for?
  • Damage to sewerage and waste pipes.
  • Damage to rented buildings caused by theft or intentional acts if there were no signs of forced entry.
  • Unoccupied for more than 60 consecutive days, abandoned, vacant, empty, or illegally occupied.

Want a quote?

Click the button below and follow the quick steps to get a short-term insurance quote.

Need advice?

Discuss the benefits of having Building Insurance with us.

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