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Momentum Investments events

Our events are a meeting of minds where industry experts come together to discuss, debate and give insight on the latest investment issues.

Our Events

Online event about navigating the evolving landscape of retirement planning in SA.

Retirement Reimagined 2.0

Our exclusive online event, held on 31 October, was a carefully designed experience to empower you with the knowledge and tools required to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of retirement planning in South Africa.

Global Citizen

Our Global Citizen masterclass series focusses on the factors to consider when structuring offshore investments for global citizens. Given that more and more clients are becoming global citizens, it is critical to understand the complexities of investing offshore as well as how to structure financial plans to suit each client's unique needs and objectives.

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A Webinar on the Future of Behavioural Finance

We bring you renowned experts in the fields of behavioural science and finance, investments, psychology and AI, who will shed light on the ground-breaking possibilities that emerge when these domains intertwine. This webinar will give you much-needed certainty about what the future holds.

Moments with our Investment Gurus

Our investment management professionals discuss the latest market events and give insight into some of our investment capabilities at our regular virtual investment team sessions. Members of our investment team show how they manage their portfolios in this highly dynamic environment.

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Think-Tank investment conference

Our annual Momentum Global Investment Management Think-Tank investment conference gives our largest intermediary and wealth management clients substantive investment thinking and ideas rather than the more typical ‘product push/sales’ event, which we strictly avoid.

Mindful Moments

Mindful Moments is held twice a year and is tailormade for our business clients. It is designed to give our advisers, consultants and clients insights into best practices when it comes to investing. The content is also relevant to all individual investors and advisers.

MFP Outcome Matters

MFP Outcome Matters

MFP Outcome Matters is our local flagship event, tailor-made for Momentum Financial Planning. We enable financial advisers to help their clients stay invested, with the help of thought-leading information and material. We also showcase our local and global offerings, as well as all our investment capabilities. Even though the event is exclusively for our internal financial advisers, the content is relevant to all individual investors and advisers.


Momentum Investment is the main sponsor of the annual Aardklop arts festival in Potchefstroom.

Industry and other events

We participate in various events hosted by the financial services and investments industry. At these events, we showcase our investment capabilities, investment views and thought-leadership content.

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