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How to invest money

Momentum Investo investment options can help you save for your retirement, your child's education or personal goals. Empower your future by regularly investing a specific amount and sometimes adding a once-off lump sum. Start investing from only R500 per month and enjoy added benefits like a bonus for staying invested or the option of taking a payment break.

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Save for my retirement

Save and invest in such a way that you pay less tax. Grow your retirement savings with long-term investment funds so you can draw a regular income during your retirement.

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Save for my child's education

Saving for your child’s education is your most valuable investment. Choose from 2 education investment options, save what you can afford and get rewarded if you stay invested.

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Save for my goals and dreams

Say yes to achieving your dreams. Our savings options are designed for long-term investing and reward you if you stay invested. You choose your savings goal and for how long you want to stay invested.

Your investment journey starts here

Looking for financial advice on where to invest your money in South Africa to save for your goals, your child's education or retirement?
Get #AdviceForSuccess and speak to a financial adviser to help you start your savings journey today.


What is the difference between saving and investing?

People often use saving and investing interchangeably. To make things easier, we prefer to think of saving as not spending your money and putting it aside in a bank account. We like to think of investing as you putting your money to work so that it grows over time.

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Saving is putting aside money that you’re not spending.

Saving is a good approach when putting away money for an emergency. You are keeping it in a bank account or a money market unit trust so you can access it easily if you run into trouble.

You can also save for a holiday that’s around the corner or a gift for a special birthday.

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When it comes to investing you make your money work.

You’re putting it away for a decent amount of time, say 5 years, so that it can grow.

Investing can help you reach your longer-term goals, like retirement or an education fund for your child. The longer your money is invested, the more potential it has to grow and earn interest.

Why choose Momentum Investo

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We manage R50 billion on behalf of our clients.

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330 000 clients trust us with their money.

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You get rewarded for staying invested.

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Money talk is complicated, we know. We try to keep things simple and straightforward.

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Enjoy a payment holiday when there’s an unexpected financial bump in the road and you need to skip payments for a few months.

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We can pay your investment on your behalf if you become disabled or die.

Our leadership team

Our leadership team is responsible for setting our strategic direction to ensure that we continue to meet your changing investment needs.

Self-service options

We empower you to do some things yourself without having to phone your financial adviser or the call centre. If you don't have an online profile, register now, or login to view your profile.

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What will make you money-wise?

Financial literacy insights from the Momentum Unisa Household Financial Wellness Index for 2023.

Investo manifesto

We know you are worth so much more. Building your worth is step one to building your wealth.

Thinking about your future

Start saving for your retirement today. A small start now is a head start for tomorrow. A smart investor puts in time to work.

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