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Workshop series 2023

How do I handle my inner struggles?

Nontokozo Madonsela

Know your purpose | Make the best decision with what you know | My inner voice is my superpower | Be truly authentic | Embrace pain & lessons from failure.

Fear less, fail more, live bolder

Naadiya Moosajee

Do something | Learn, unlearn, relearn | Be guided by your inner voice | Cash is queen | Learn to let go | Understand negotiating power.

Owning the moment

Chi Mhende

The human voice is known as the organ of the soul. Take care of it and show it gratitude; it will show you your world. Chi takes us through a series of isolated vocal vibration exercises to support your confidence in public speaking.

Workshop series 2022

Find the Courage to put your hand up

Veronica King

Failure = learning | Do it afraid – start before you feel ready | Self-doubt & nerves are normal – it's a sign that you care | Action begets action – what's in motion, stays in motion | Celebrate your imperfections | Do 1 thing every day that scares you | Courage is the antidote to imposter syndrome

De-stress your success

Dr Ela Manga

Stop for nothing. Go for more with Dr Ela Manga as she shows how breathwork practice can help you through tense situations. Use the warrior breath to decompress at the end of a long day or before an important meeting.

Perfection is overrated

Panel discussion

Perfection isn't a requirement | My 60% may be 90% to the hiring manager | Believe that you will be supported | Ground your definition of success away from your ego | Move from admiring my ambition to acting on it.

Sorry-not-sorry, I'm doing me

Panel discussion

How do you bounce back when you hit rock bottom? It's a journey you need to face head-on. You become unstoppable by understanding how to become a FKP (financially knowledgeable person) and find your financial voice.

I'm not done levelling up

Nontokozo Madonsela

Minimise the negative voices in your head | Don't be afraid of a 'no' | Wait for the right time for things to happen | Don't fit in – function in | Being grateful is the magic of life

Workshop series 2021

The art of negotiating

Antoinette Prophy, entrepreneur

Get out of your own way | Let go of limiting beliefs | Do your research and confidently step up when asking for a salary raise | Leave your emotions at the door |Identify what success means to you

Finding structures of support

Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp, radio personality

Acknowledge your creator | Connect with your parents | Make friends at work | "Get up" when you're feeling sad | Cultivate a positive attitude | Gratitude enlightens the mind and makes you feel happier | Forgive for peace of mind

Leading by the beat of your own drum

Kate Woods, Snr. brand director, Adidas SA

Focus on what you can control | Having ambitions will lead to success | Let your passion burn brightly | Your inner strength is powerful | Lead authentically | Be courageous | Show up consistently | Believe in yourself | Be fearless in achieving greatness

Take control of your legacy

Dani van Vuuren, fiduciary consultant, Momentum

Take control of the legacy you've created and the one you want to leave behind | Review your Will and estate plan regularly | Speak to a financial adviser about holistic estate planning

The opposite of strength isn't weakness

Panel discussion

Strength is being able to face challenges like COVID-19 with a winning mindset. True winners aren't afraid to lose or admit weakness because they know their strength and power.

No is a full sentence

Panel discussion

Saying "no" is about creating personal boundaries that allow you to focus your time on the things that will make the most impact. Learn to flex the muscle of saying 'no' where you can.  

How to build your personal brand

Simone Naidoo,
personal development consultant

Know who you are | Know your purpose | Break free from limiting beliefs | Choose positive words to uplift yourself | You are the captain of your ship | Love, accept and approve of yourself | You are enough

How to become your own hype woman

Veronica King, founder and CEO of
Emuthini Consulting

Be your own cheerleader | Know your passion | Visualise your success | Do positive affirmations | Know your value | Stand for something | See opportunities instead of obstacles | Have a dream team to support you | Keep your eye on the end goal

73 Qs

Get to know these women better. See what their first response is without them overthinking it.
See how they own their success.

Nontokozo Madonsela

Momentum Metropolitan Group CMO

Sherlin Barends

Radio presenter at Kfm, voice over artist,
MC and writer

Success story shorts

Get inspired with a series of shorts from these trailblazing women.

Don’t listen to the naysayers

“Practice your comebacks and then deliver them with grace”.
Charlotte Nsubuga-Mukasa
Head of Marketing at Momentum

Hello success

Affectionately known as Tannie Ina, this jam-making entrepreneur says that her family and grandchildren remain her greatest success.
Owner at Ina Lessing Jams

I own my worth

“Unstoppable success to me is grounded on 3 things: purpose, power and impact.”
Hulisani Ravele
Broadcaster & media personality

There’s no end to my success

Success to Tobeka means freedom. The freedom to do the things that bring her joy.
Tobeka Lwana
Philanthropist & inclusion and equality advocate

"There’s only one definition of
success. Yours."

Nontokozo Madonsela
Momentum Metropolitan Group CMO

Turn full stops into commas

Her hardships taught her resilience and forgiveness.
Johannah Mkhasibe
Training facilitator: Momentum Investments

Success is my starting block

A childhood event inspired her to use hurdles as the starting blocks to success.
Ana Scott
Momentum financial adviser

“You’ve got a seat at the table.
Own it.”

Lose your fear and find your voice.
Saray Khumalo
Mountaineer & corporate executive

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