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Insurance with Momentum Select

Fully live your go-getter lifestyle with Momentum Insure, knowing you and your personal belongings are safely protected. Choose what matters most to you with our flexible and convenient car and home insurance. This product is perfect for you if you’re looking for:

  • Insurance cover to suit your unique lifestyle.
  • Value for money with up to 30% cashback on your premiums, even if you claim, with your yearly Safety Bonus.
  • A short-term insurer that goes beyond safeguarding your belongings and makes you and your loved ones feel safe.

What you get with Momentum Select car and home insurance

Customised cover

Even when your needs change, you can customise your car and home insurance cover to suit your go-getter lifestyle with optional extras like female handbag cover, Momentum Rewarder, scratch and dent cover, tyre cover, and so much more.

You don’t pay extra for the safety features

Momentum Assist, Safety Alert and Safety Bonus are included at no additional cost.

Get a quote to cover your car, home contents, and valuables. Get an obligation-free insurance quote call back.

Select insurance cover options

Customise your cover option to suit your unique needs.

A close-up of a red car being towed away.

Car insurance

We keep you protected and give you peace of mind on your journeys.

  • Cover for your vehicles including motorcycles, trailers, caravans, and watercraft.
  • No excess on windscreen repair, and loss or damage of sound equipment.

Lady wearing blue jeans and a grey t-shirt putting a red and black cable in a wall.

Home contents insurance

Cover options include Comprehensive Contents or Contents cover excluding theft. Some extensions automatically include cover for loss or damage caused by:

  • Power surges or dips
  • Burst water heating systems (like a burst geyser), and pressurised pipes.
  • Pests and vermin
  • Transportation of belongings, and so much more.

Close up of two people's hands. They are holding each other's hands and comforting each other.

Buildings insurance

Comprehensive homeowners cover includes loss or damage to buildings caused by fire, explosion, acts of nature, impact, and theft.

  • Building cover includes the cost of hiring security guards to prevent further damage following an insured event.
  • Compensation for amounts owed to local authorities for loss of water due to leaking pipes.

A young female lawyer reading a legal document with a pair of reading glasses, gavel and justice scales on the table in front of her.

Portable possessions insurance

This is cover for all your personal belongings that you carry daily.

  • We cover items like cell phones, laptops, handbags, clothing, car seats, jewellery and more.
  • Caravan contents and/or camping equipment including household goods temporarily used for holiday purposes.
  • Cover for any stamp or coin forming part of a collection, medals,
    or Krugerrands.

Personal enthusiasts insurance

Designed for the adventurer, sports enthusiast, thrill- seeker and even the budding artist in you, to protect the belongings that allow you to explore your passion. Includes cover for:

  • Any hobby equipment used for indoor and outdoor activities for social, domestic, entertainment, and professional purposes such as bicycles, cameras, fishing equipment, and more.
  • Loss or damage to hobby equipment and apparel away from home or left inside a vehicle.
  • Theft of racks or carriers secured to the vehicle.

Personal liabilities insurance

Refers to a situation where you are legally liable for accidental death or injury to others or accidental loss of or damage to property belonging to others.

  • Covers legal costs to settle or defend claims against you that occurred at your insured address.
  • Compensation for liability or loss arising from fraudulent use of your credit, debit, or SIM (subscriber identity module) cards by any person who is not a member of your family or household.

Momentum Insure’s range of short-term insurance solutions covers all your priorities at each life stage. Speak to one of our advisers for an obligation free insurance quote.

Benefits and rewards

We don’t just keep your belongings safe; we help you feel secure knowing that your loved ones are protected and safe when life happens with these free features.

Safety Alert

Sometimes the person you most want to keep safe, isn't you. With Safety Alert, a free panic button feature on the Momentum App, we don't only keep you safe, but we keep the people you love safe too.

Safety Bonus

Up to 30% cashback on your premiums with your Safety Bonus, every year, even if you claim. Momentum Insure’s Safety Bonus is dependent on your Safety Score, number of Safe Dayz™ awarded and your Multiply status.

Momentum Assist

24/7/365 roadside assistance, home assistance, and medical and legal assistance in any emergency, anywhere in South Africa.

Optional extras

Personalise your cover by adding any of these optional benefits
and rewards.

A family of 7 sitting in the boot of their SUV awaiting help from the responder as they used the Safety Alert feature that is free of charge for Momentum Insure policyholders.

Scratch and Dent cover

Cover for minor exterior damages to the vehicle with an unlimited number of repairs of chips, dents and scratches, wheel rims and mag wheels, and tar removals.

The side of a car showing the wheel as it’s driving on the road. Tyre cover is an optional benefit with Momentum Insure. It covers for loss or damage to tyres fitted to your insured vehicle that are accidentally and irreparably damaged.

Tyre cover

For loss or damage to tyres fitted to your insured vehicle that are accidentally damaged beyond repair.

A young woman using the HomeDrive facility through Momentum Insure while sitting in the back seat of the car while the driver takes her safely home.


Getting you and your car home safely when you’re unable to drive or when you just want a personal chauffer to get you around.

Other insurance cover options from Momentum Insure

Momentum Priceless

Comprehensive cover tailored to your individual needs with an added personal touch for that extra peace of mind when it comes to protecting the things that matter to you most.

Momentum Envoy

All the convenience, safety, benefits and rewards of comprehensive cover for car, home, and personal belongings for high-net-worth individuals who enjoy a personalised experience.

Momentum 55+

Insurance tailored for individuals 55-years and older who take care of their assets a little differently with no excess on selected covers.

Business Insurance

Competitive solutions designed to suit your unique business needs, protect your business from unforeseen events, and handle claims efficiently and swiftly.


Keeping you safe

We believe that when you feel safe, you have the confidence to handle any situation. Momentum Insure is committed to taking a leading position on making clients feel safe and giving them the confidence to remove uncertainties and live life optimally. When you feel safe and secure, your confidence grows and you gain momentum on your journey to success.


Being safe pays off with Momentum Insure

Earn cashbacks and discounts from Momentum Multiply rewards partners for making your car and home safe spaces for you and those you love.

Learn more about Momentum Insure

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