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23 August 2022

Unicef and Momentum Insure join hands
to protect and help keep children safe

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The protection and safety of children continues to be a critical concern within communities across South Africa, as violence against children threatens their lives and wellbeing daily. On average, more than 20 children are victims of violence every day in South Africa, according to statistics from the South African Police Service (SAPS).

Feeling and being safe is a child’s right and is essential for their development and upbringing, as it contributes to positive childhood experiences and a more successful journey into adulthood. Safety enables so many possibilities as it eliminates persistent fear and encourages confidence.

Momentum Insure have partnered with UNICEF South Africa and the National Department of Social Development to improve the quality of services in Safe Parks and to integrate adolescent and youth-friendly programmes in these spaces. Safe Parks are places where children can go to learn, and play while being supervised and nurtured by a wide range of professionals and caregivers. These are spaces for recreation and empowerment created especially for vulnerable children.

“Safety is a basic human need that lays the foundation for their other needs and instills a sense of confidence in people that will enable them to embark on their journey towards success. Without that sense of safety, many commodities would be restricted as there would be an element of fear to hinder them. At Momentum Insure, we strive to offer certainty for what matters most, when it matters most – keeping you and your loved ones safe,” says Brand Pretorius, CEO of Momentum Insure.

Today, members from Momentum Insure including the Exco (executive committee) Team and UNICEF visited one of these Safe Parks, namely Klipspruit Safe Park in Soweto, to cast a light on the safety concerns of community members in Soweto, particularly those affecting and impacting children, and to experience and first-hand the kind of transformational benefits that Safe Parks can have on communities.

The Momentum Insure staff members also participated in various activities at the Klipspruit Safe Park, which included planting vegetable gardens, painting the park’s fence, and incorporating painted handprints of all participants and kids, as well as engaging with them by playing games such as Jenga, Monopoly, and chess.

The Klipspruit Safe Park had a pre-existing vegetable garden with the likes of carrots, onions, and spinach, the Momentum Insure team further added to this array by planting pumpkins, tomatoes, green beans, peppers, and beetroot.

“Every child has the right to be protected and kept safe from violence, abuse and exploitation. Children are our future business leaders, engineers, entrepreneurs, and innovators who will lead our communities and country to a more prosperous future. This partnership between Momentum and UNICEF will help to support and nurture children so that they can strive towards realising their full potential in life,” says UNICEF Deputy Representative, Muriel Mafico.

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