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Investment services for financial advisers

With your help, our discretionary fund manager (DFM) is here to transform your clients' investment uncertainty into more certainty. Our outcome-based investing philosophy puts your clients at the centre of the investment process
- allowing them to invest with purpose, so that they can achieve their life goals, dreams and aspirations.

A retirement income option with the best of both worlds

We believe there is a better way for you to plan and structure your finances when you retire by ensuring a sustainable income in retirement and blending the need for certainty and flexibility.

Our investing philosophy

Our investment approach means building a portfolio that is capable of meeting an investor’s needs.

Outcome-based investing

Outcome-based investing lets you focus on the right conversation - your clients' holistic financial wellness, by thinking beyond the benchmark and helping them achieve their investment goals.

Responsible investing

Responsible investing is part of our core belief. We believe sustainable and responsible investment practices are a material factor underpinning our long-term success.

Our investment offering to financial advisers

We offer a diverse range of specialised services and investment units, providing advisers with comprehensive solutions, to help them to cater to their clients' broad investment needs.

Discretionary fund management

At Equilibrium, we enable financial advisers to deliver expert advice and investment solutions to meet their clients’ unique needs.

Unit trusts

Creating responsible unit trust investment solutions, for seamless investing for all your clients.

Investments for businesses

Helping business and retirement investors achieve targeted returns to meet their employees and members financial goals.

Global Matters: investing offshore

Empowering financial advisers to have in-depth offshore investment conversations with their South African clients.

Meet the team

Our team has deep roots in multi- and single investment manager disciplines. We pride ourselves on having introduced multi-manager investment management to the South-African market.

Ferdi van Heerden


AMP (Advanced Management Programme) from INSEAD (France), Diploma in General Management from Reading University (Henley Business School), Member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (MCSI)

Effective annual cost (EAC) calculator

The effective annual cost (EAC) is a measure introduced by Asia enabling consumers and advisers to compare charges and their effect on investment returns across retail investments and savings products. The EAC highlights the different role players involved in the investment and the effect of each of their fees over the investment term.

Investments for businesses and individuals

Investments for businesses

You're the representative of a business or retirement fund looking for broad and innovative solutions to meet the needs of your employees or fund.

Investments for individuals

You're a new or existing investor looking to start or view your portfolio; or looking for expert advice on how to structure your portfolio for maximum growth.

Speak to us

Discuss the benefits of building a portfolio that's capable of meeting your clients needs with a DFM representative.

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