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#SheOwnsHerSuccess resource centre

With the right tools and advice, a woman's success is unstoppable.
Use this space to gather what you need to keep your success in motion.

The reality of financially knowledgeable women

The odds are stacked differently for each woman.
We may not be able to erase the barriers women face on their life journey, but we want to be the cheerleader who supports them with the right advice, tools, and experiences.
Find out more about statistics in this handy cheat sheet on some of the challenges women face while at the forefront of their household’s money management.

"There’s only one definition of success. Yours."

Nontokozo Madonsela
Momentum Metropolitan Group CMO

I own my worth

“Unstoppable success to me is grounded on 3 things: purpose, power and impact.”
Hulisani Ravele
Broadcaster & media personality

Hello success

Affectionately known as Tannie Ina, this jam-making entrepreneur says that her family and grandchildren remain her greatest success.
Ina Lessing
Owner: Ina Lessing Jams

Don’t listen to the naysayers

“Practice your comebacks and then deliver them with grace”.
Charlotte Nsubuga-Mukasa
Head of Marketing at Momentum

Turn full stops into commas

The hardships she endured enabled her to be where she is today by being resilient and forgiving.
Johannah Mkhasibe
Training facilitator: Momentum Investments

Success is my starting block

A childhood event inspired her to use hurdles as the starting blocks to success.
Ana Scott
Momentum financial adviser

“You’ve got a seat at the table. Own it.”

Saray Khumalo
Mountaineer & corporate executive

There’s no end to my success

Success to Tobeka means freedom. The freedom to do the things that bring her joy.
Tobeka Lwana
Philanthropist & inclusion and equality advocate

Celebrate your success - often

If you haven’t watched Sherlin Barends' 30 Questions interview, you're in for a treat. Whenever we encounter Sherlin, whether as a radio presenter, MC, speaker, writer, or the #SheOwnsHerSuccess workshop MC, she instantly delights with her authenticity, vibrancy, humour, and beauty. Her 30 Questions interview is a guide for living with self-care, self-love and celebrating your successes.

Sherlin Barends, MC, speaker, writer, #SheOwnsHerSuccess workshop MC

Give women-owned businesses momentum

Over the past 2 years, we've given trailblazing women in business a boost on their journey to success. Keep their momentum going by supporting their businesses.

Breva Fine Malt Beverage

Breva Fine Malt Beverage


BREVATM comes in 4 indulgent and refreshing flavours – passion fruit, apple, peach and pineapple – all of which provide a refreshing and refined taste.

Corium Naturals

Corium Naturals


A South African pure skincare range founded on traditional beauty practices like traditional African, Himalayan and Ayurvedic practices.

Leap Beta Tutors

Leap Beta Tutors


A private tutoring company that aims to help students reach their full academic potential by offering tutoring services for all subjects from Grade 1 to 12, as well as university modules.

Masodi Organics Skin Care

Masodi Organics Skin Care


Hair and skincare products thoughtfully made to be kind on your body. All products are free from parabens, sulfates and mineral oils.

Princess D Cups

Princess D Cups


The PrincessD Menstrual Cup is reusable for 10 years, eco-friendly, cost-effective and made of the highest quality medical grade silicone.

Puri Solutions

Puri Solutions


Solar product supplier to rural, residential and comercial businesses. Services include supplying, installation and maintenance of all products they sell.

Social Coding

Social Coding


Skills-development company focused on equipping rural communities with digital tools in an internet-focused world.

The Trea Garden Café


An outdoor café nestled in the heart of Midrand offers patrons a tranquil experience to relax, wind down and enjoy a cuppa or bite to eat.

Trove Wellness

Trove Wellness


Offering tools to empower people through nutrition and encouraging physical and mental wellness by hosting fitness events.

Yococo ice cream

Yococo ice cream


They pride themselves in serving “love” in scoops while doing their best to be good guests to the planet. All their ice creams are dairy- and egg-free, sourced from local ingredients.


Womentum Tribe

As a woman, the momentum you generate is formidable.
When we join forces, our momentum is unstoppable.

Press releases

Momentum inspires women to own their success by owning their vulnerability

30 August 2021

Momentum’s #SheOwnsHerSuccess inspires through empowerment, passion, wellness, and leaving a strong legacy

24 August 2021

Momentum inspires women to express themselves with authenticity and to advocate for their value

16 August 2021

By owning your success, you’re one step away from making it unstoppable

2 August 2021

Momentum gsport awards celebrates overcoming the seemingly impossible

2 September 2021

Momentum gsport Awards end off women’s month by celebrating women’s excellence in sport

27 August 2021

Momentum and gsport renew partnership to promote and acknowledge women’s excellence in SA sport

5 August 2021

Momentum gives women-owned businesses a R1m boost and a chance to market themselves through a Twitter takeover

25 August 2021

Unstoppable success means opening doors for others

Akhona Makalima

Premier soccer league referee

13 September 2021

A love for farming with her passion for women keeps the success of women in agriculture unstoppable

Thato Moagi

First South African to receive a UK Nuffield Agriculture Scholarship

13 September 2021

The jam business mogul whose success is unstoppable

Ina Lessing

Owner: Ina Lessing Jams

1 October 2021

The epitome of Momentum’s #SheOwnsHerSuccess campaign

Charlotte Nsubuga-Mukasa

Momentum Head of Brand Marketing

30 September 2021

Service to others is what true success is about

Tobeka Lwana

Business owner, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and equity advocate

16 September 2021

Women are worthy of success and should take time to celebrate themselves

Hulisani Ravele

Radio presenter: 947 Breakfast with Hulisani

15 September 2021

Saray Khumalo says “you’ve already got the seat at the table - act like it, own it!”

Saray Khumalo

First black African woman to sumit Mount Everest

3 September 2021

Expert opinions

Where there’s a Will, there’s a way

Get #AdviceForSuccess with Dani in 60 seconds on how to draft a Will.
It’s easier than you think!

Dani van Vuuren, Business Development Consultant Momentum Trust Limited

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