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Illness Benefits

Being diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer or heart disease or hospitalised, often means extra expenses and lifestyle adjustments. This is in addition to the employee potentially losing their income.

  • Covers expenses such as lifestyle adjustments that may be necessary to cope with a critical illness and hospitalisation.
  • This benefit pays out a fixed lump sum amount.
  • Can use this amount for anything from additional childcare costs, to alternative transport for the family.

Group Insurance Illness Benefits

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Critical Illness Benefits

This benefit pays a lump sum amount when an employee is diagnosed with or suffers from one of the conditions that we cover. It helps pay for expenses or to make lifestyle adjustments because of the illness or condition.

Critical Illness Benefit brochure (pdf) Critical illness standard ASISA disclosures (pdf) What you need to know about your critical illness benefit (pdf) What you need to know about your critical illness conditions (pdf)

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Other Group Insurance Benefits

Disability Benefits

We assist your employees financially and support them to receive the care they need to get back to work.

Death Benefits

We provide financial assistance to your employees and their families if they or one of their family members passes away.

Cover for loans

The benefit protects members and their families by assisting with the repayment of outstanding loan amounts following death, disability, or critical illness.

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