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Death Benefits

Loved ones who remain behind are faced with many expenses, such as the funeral, outstanding debt, and paying for their children’s education. We provide your employees’ and their family with financial assistance during this time

  • Different benefit options to choose from.
  • Financial protection in a time they need it most.
  • Children can continue their education.

Group Insurance Death Benefits

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Lump Sum Death Benefit

It pays a lump sum amount to your employees’ beneficiaries if they pass away. This benefit provides essential financial protection for the member’s family and beneficiaries in their time of need.

Lump Sum Death Benefit brochure

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Accidental Death Benefit

It pays a lump sum if the employee passes away following an event such as a car accident or violent crime. It helps their family when faced with an unexpected crisis by providing financial assistance during this time.

Accidental Death Benefit brochure Accidental Death Benefit product detail

A young dad measuring his youngest son's height while the elder son looks on.

Riskflex Benefit (death)

This benefit allows your employees to increase or decrease their level of cover for Death Benefits to suit their personal circumstances.

Riskflex Benefit brochure Riskflex Benefit product detail

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Funeral Benefit

It pays on the death of the employee or one of their family members. This benefit helps with the immediate expenses of a funeral, but also assists with extra costs associated with the funeral.

Funeral Benefit brochure

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Children’s Education Benefit

Every child deserves the right to a good education as part of their journey to success. Parents need to be sure that if they pass away, tuition fees will be covered so their children can continue to get the education they need.

Children's Education Benefit brochure

A mum and her daughter sitting at a table doing homework in the early parts of the evening.

Special Benefit for Children

Help to finance the ongoing needs of your employees’ children if they pass away. It assists with the cost of the children’s education or extramural activities but is not limited to those costs only.

Special Benefit for Children improvements Special Benefit for Children brochure Special Benefit for Children product detail

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Spouse and Children’s Pension Benefit

It pays a monthly amount to an employee’s spouse and children. It makes sure that the member’s family is taken care of long after the member passes away.

Spouse and Children's Pension Benefit brochure Spouse and Children's Pension Benefit product detail

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Spouse’s Benefit

This benefit provides a single amount to your employees when their spouse passes away.

Spouse's Benefit brochure Spouse's Benefit product detail

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Other Group Insurance Benefits

Disability Benefits

Assist and support your employees

Help your employees financially and support them to receive the care they need if they become disabled.

Illness Benefits

Lump sum and hospital

When an employee is diagnosed with a critical illness, they may have many additional expenses. We help cover these costs by means of a lump sum payment or cover for each day in hospital.

Credit Life Benefit

A benefit for

The benefit protects creditors by assisting with the repayment of outstanding amounts following death, disability, or critical illness.

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