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Momentum household insurance

Get a household contents insurance quote for cover that replaces your personal possessions if they are stolen or damaged AND benefit from free 24-hour home, vehicle, medical and legal assistance during emergencies with Momentum assist.

Momentum household insurance cover also protects you against damage to your contents when moving to a new permanent address in South Africa.

Benefits of Momentum household contents insurance

  • No hidden costs - because our excess fees are fixed
  • Guaranteed premiums for 12 months - whether you claim or not

More home insurance benefits

  • We will pay the cost of the fire brigade - if you call it out
  • We will pay for temporary accommodation - if you need a place to stay

You are also covered for

  • Accidental death or bodily injury to people other than members of your household or your domestic employees
  • Accidental loss or damage to property belonging to people other than members of your household or your domestic employees
  • If you are a tenant, legally liable to pay your landlord for any accidental loss or damage to the building in which you are living permanently

You must be insured for additional costs such as professional and municipal fees, demolition charges, debris removal and for making your building site safe.

Optional home insurance cover benefits

  • Geyser and pipes wear and tear
  • Theft during transportation of your contents
  • Theft of unoccupied buildings
  • Comprehensive Subsidence cover - where the land on which your property sits sinks or caves in
  • Goods used for business purposes - if noted on schedule

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Get insurance cover that protects your personal valuables AND offers great benefits.

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Business insurance - Momentum also specialises in commercial vehicle, public liability, business combined insurance and more.

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