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Home loan protection

Get an affordable home loan protection online quote for the most comprehensive home loan protection that’s based on your unique risk profile.

When applying for a bond, your bank may require additional protection (also known as credit life insurance) to safeguard your bond repayments. All the major banks in South Africa accept our bond protection solution.

What does bond insurance cover?

  • Your outstanding bond amount in the event of critical illness, disability or death.
  • Your monthly bond repayments for up to 12 months due to loss of income due to temporary disability or retrenchment.

Bond protection insurance for your
home loan

What would happen if you couldn’t pay your bond repayments because you became disabled, critically ill, retrenched or died? Life can be unpredictable. Everything could be okay today, but there’s no guarantee it will be that way tomorrow.

When life happens it’s better to be prepared for those uncertainties with a bond protection solution that not only takes care of your monthly bond repayments, but also you and your loved ones - now and in the future.

Because we underwrite a tailor-made solution, based on your unique risk profile, you get to save on your insurance premium.

For complete peace of mind that your bond repayments will always be paid - even if something was to happen to you, get an online Home Loan Protection quote.


Life cover benefit

Settles the full amount, or outstanding balance of your home loan when you die.

Add the Home Loan Protection Benefit to your life cover benefit and get a lump sum payment to settle the total outstanding balance on your home loan if:

You suffer from one of the critical illnes events defined under this benefit.


You meet the requirements of one of the defined functional impairment claim events because of illness or injury.


You suffer from a permanent disability caused by a bodily injury or illness to such an extent that you’re totally and permanently unable to perform the normal duties of your own occupation.


Retrenchment cover that pays for up to 12 months’ worth of monthly bond repayments. We’ll pay a lump sum equal to 4% of your Home Loan Protection Benefit to you every 3 months as a result of retrenchment. We will make a maximum of 3 such lump-sum payments.

With Home Loan Protection Benefit, you could also qualify for home loan free cover:
  • Stipulate a future start date of up to 3 months on your policy and, once the policy has been accepted, we'll pay the full benefit amount, limited to a maximum of R3 million, in the event of your death.
  • Get up to 3 month’s free accidental death cover while you’re waiting for the transfer of your property to be finalised.

Temporary income protector

For qualifying occupations, we'll pay you a monthly income to cover up to 24 months' worth of monthly bond repayments if you're temporarily disabled because of bodily injury or illness to such an extent that you're unable to perform the main duties of your occupation on a total or partial basis; or if you're physically impaired or ill.

All the protection you need for your bond

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Don't end up paying more
than you should

You don't want to pay more for your insurance than you need to. As with most credit life insurance, there is no more paying for a 'one-size-fits-all' approach. We consider your risk rating factors like your age, gender and health status, which means you only pay for your unique level of risk appropriate to you.

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Your cover doesn’t

Once your bond is fully paid up, you’ll still have the life cover benefit which means you don’t need to reapply for life cover if you buy another property. Or, you can keep the life cover to ensure your family is financially protected in the event of your death.

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No decreasing term insurance

Your life cover doesn’t decrease as your bond decreases. This means that when your home loan is fully paid up, you will still have your life cover in place. So if, for example, you took out life cover for R1 million to cover a R1 million home, you will still have the R1 million life cover that can be paid to your beneficiaries or settle any other debt in the event of your death.

A man smiling as he knows he's in trusted hands with Momentum.

Trusted experts

Comprehensive insurance protection that you need, and that the bank requires, from a leading insurer with a proud history of paying all valid claims.

Want a quote?

At the end of the online process you'll get a quote reflecting your bond protection monthly premium.

Need advice?

Discuss the advantages of our comprehensive Home Loan Protection Benefit with a certified financial adviser.

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