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About us

We're a values-based organisation and our culture sets the foundation of our decision making process.

Our values of integrity, diversity, accountability, innovation, excellence and teamwork serve as our guiding principles in everything we do.

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Momentum Metropolitan affiliation

As part of the larger JSE-listed Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited, our balance sheet offers the kind of protection that only a few others can offer.

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The team

Innovation, excellence, integrity, accountability, team work and diversity are our values, underlying our primary purpose, which is to help clients stay invested.

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Investment Awards

We've won numerous industry awards for our unique outcome-based approach to investing, which is a testament to our commitment to service excellence through innovation.

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Our goal is to make sure that people of all backgrounds, appearances, identities and abilities get a seat at the table, and that they are seen, heard and feel recognised for their contributions.

Why choose us?


investment professionals


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academic qualifications


years of investment experience


billion assets (AUA & AUM)


sales staff


enablement staff


service and operations staff

What we can do for you

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Equilibrium - Discretionary Fund Management

Equilibrium is about balance. It is about understanding your client’s objective and constructing portfolios to match that objective. It is about the improved balance we bring to your financial advice practice.

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Investment administration

Whether you want to create, grow, protect, or earn an income from your wealth, we have a personal investment solution for you. With our investment administration services and diverse investment solutions giving you access to local and global investment markets you can, together with your financial adviser, manage your investment portfolio with ease and convenience in one place.

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Unit trusts

Invest in unit trusts across all major asset classes. We have a range of local unit trusts and offshore unit trusts to suit your personal investment needs and goals.

Momentum Global Investment Management

In this introductory video about Momentum Global Investment Management, we will share with you who we are, how we invest, what makes our investment philosophy unique and why we believe you should invest with us.

How we approach investing

We understand everyone is different to you and your investment isn’t just another investment. You don’t invest for the sake of investing. You invest to make your dreams and aspirations come to life.

Our belief is that investing starts with a clear map of your needs, destination and a plan of the best way to get there.

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Responsible Investing

Responsible investing is part of our core belief. Sustainable and responsible investment practices are material factors underpinning our long-term success.

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Outcome-based investing

We target specific investment returns over chosen periods and we define risk as the likelihood of you not achieving your investment goal.

Our investment

Thought leadership

We bring you some of our latest thinking on investments and portfolio construction from our investment team.

Understanding investor behaviour

Diagnosing, measuring, and tracking behavioural interventions that will help clients make better investment decisions.

Legal & Compliance

Our rigorous internal governance architecture is facilitated through several governance committees that report to our board of directors.

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Give your career an unstoppable force of momentum, and make your dreams and career aspirations a reality.

Contact us

Local investing: Momentum Wealth

Office hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.

Offshore investing: Momentum Wealth International

Office hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00 (Central Africa Time). Unavailable on weekends.

Unit trusts

Office hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.

Institutional investing

Office hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.

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