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29 September 2021

Momentum Multiply to offer rewards
for getting vaccinated

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Momentum Multiply, Momentum’s wellness and rewards programme has announced it will reward members who are fully vaccinated. This is in line with the programme’s philosophy of rewarding good choices that lead to improved health and wellness.

Rewards for vaccinations

In an effort to encourage Multiply members to vaccinate and reward those already fully vaccinated, Multiply Premier members can earn 40 points, once they submit proof of their vaccination/s (single dose for J&J and two jabs for Pfizer vaccinations).

Momentum Multiply along with the Momentum Metropolitan Group, is unequivocally in support of vaccines. We support the Government’s drive to have all eligible South Africans vaccinated against Covid-19.

“Multiply wants to motivate and help you to live a better, healthier life. We want to reward you for making good choices. Choosing to get vaccinated is similar to choosing to eat healthy, exercise regularly, buckle up and drive safely or to quit smoking. It can literally be a life-saver for you and everyone you come into contact with,” says Johan Kleu, head of Multiply.

Vaccine effectiveness data from around the world including in South African shows without any doubt that being vaccinated protects you against severe symptoms, with very high levels of protection against hospitalisation, ICU stays and death.

Rewards and incentivising good choices

Momentum Multiply is focussed on incentivising and rewarding members to make positive lifestyle choices that lead to improved health and wellness. This includes financial wellness and enabling our members to achieve their lifetime goals and aspirations. Earned points enable members to move up status levels with ever increasing discounts and benefits. Interactive questionnaires, health and lifestyle assessments and physical activity are some of the ways members can earn points.

Multiply membership offers discounts, cashbacks and savings from over 70 partners, including flights, travel, mega stores, designer brands, electronics, sports goods and everything you need to earn your best life.

Many ways to earn points

If you choose not to vaccinate, there are still plenty of other ways to earn points to improve or maintain your Multiply status and benefits.

“Multiply offers a range of points-earning activities that you can choose from. You earn points how you want to. Getting points for the vaccine is simply another choice, like getting points for running a marathon or doing a vehicle safety check. If you choose not to get the vaccine, there are plenty of other ways to continue to earn points and enjoy Multiply benefits,” Kleu said.

How to submit proof of vaccination

Fully vaccinated members can send a copy of their official vaccination card to [email protected] (with Vaccination in the subject line) or WhatsApp 0861 88 66 00. Points will be allocated within 48 hours after validation. Members are asked to please include their client number to assist with the correct allocation of points.

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