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1 August 2022

Momentum is going for it again

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Financial services provider Momentum’s #SheOwnsHerSuccess campaign kicks off today to mark the beginning of Women’s Month.

This fourth edition of the annual campaign considers the difficulties women face and provides thoughtful, practical advice and information to ensure women can keep striving for their goals again and again. This year, Momentum is once again providing engaging and practical workshops focused on supporting a woman’s journey to success

The campaign was launched in 2019 and advocated for women to be unapologetic about their success. In 2020 it sought to inspire women to break through barriers and take others along with them. On the back of a changed world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021’s campaign encouraged women to stay on their journey towards financial success.

“Yes, we are going for it again!” says Charlotte Nsubuga-Mukasa, Head of Momentum Brand Marketing. “This year, we acknowledge that while we live in an unequal society that can limit women, women can still own their success by persisting on their journeys. We have mobilised allies to help them along the way, and we are very excited about the top individuals who will partner with us to facilitate our #SheOwnsHerSuccess workshops.”

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of equality services company The Female Quotient Shelley Zalis and human dynamics coach and New York Times best-selling author Matthew Hussey are some of the personalities billed to speak at this year’s workshops.

Other speakers to look forward to are the author and Chief Executive Officer of the Zoluhle Group of Companies Zibu Masotobe, and global executive coach Veronica King. Each workshop will cover various topics under the broader themes of financial, occupational and social success.

In addition to the three workshops in August, which include insightful panel discussions, there will be an online resource hub for more advice, tools and updates on the campaign that users can freely access.

The workshops are a response to research conducted by Momentum to gain a deeper understanding of the barriers women encounter. Issues like structural barriers such as the gender pay gap, being under-represented in positions of power, and societal barriers like battling stereotypes around gender roles are just some of the challenges the workshops will aim to address. The concepts of allyship and collective support to create more enabling environments for women to succeed will also be examined.

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