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31 March 2022

BabyYumYum Virtual
Parenting Experience

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SA's #1 digital parenting portal launches even bigger 2022 Virtual Parenting Experience powered by Momentum Medical Scheme

In 2021 responded to the needs of parents and brands by packaging an edutainment event which resulted in the first Virtual Parenting Experience. This virtual event exceeded not only any expectations they themselves had, but those of their audience and brand partners too.

The first edition of Virtual Parenting Experience (VPE) in 2021 drew an audience of 13 300 people who crossed the virtual platform in just two days participating in over 30 curated webinars hosted by experts in their field. The goal was to bring trusted parenting advice and products to parents and caregivers in the most accessible and convenient way possible. The goal was to create a safe environment where parents and brands could interact in a virtual space. Having a proven track record as a trusted content source, together with Momentum Medical Scheme is investing heavily into the #VPE2022 platform technology this year to make the overall experience slicker and able to accommodate more expert-driven content from a speaker panel of gurus. Being online also means that brand partners will save on set up costs and resources usually associated with a physical expo.

Following the enormous success of the first VPE, Momentum Medical Scheme has committed to sponsoring the second edition. Damian McHugh, Chief Marketing Officer of Momentum Health Solutions commented: “Momentum Medical Scheme is proud to be the headline sponsor of’s Virtual Parenting Experience 2022. Having long played a pivotal role as a trusted partner of the Scheme’s comprehensive maternity programme, is an important component in the drive to deliver more health to more South Africans for less. We trust that our journey will continue to ensure that these key benefits are available to the Scheme’s members for years to come.” Founder, Amanda Rogaly, proudly shared her thoughts on the sponsorship: “Our continued relationship with Momentum Medical Scheme has extended to welcoming them onboard as our headline sponsor. This significant sponsorship empowers us to take our hugely successful format to another level in terms of delegate offering and value. This sponsorship also allows us to pull out all the stops in making this THE virtual experience that all relevant brands will want to participate in.”

With Momentum Medical Scheme as the headline sponsor #VPE2022 is able to focus on educating and equipping families to focus on health and wellness, an area that is so often initially overlooked.

Brand Participation Opportunities & Benefits

#VPE2022 is gaining impetus, and the experience provides brands with a platform to showcase their products in easily accessible specialist workshops which are jam-packed with information and interaction. One of the core purposes of this experience is to give brands space to showcase themselves to a niche market of parents and caregivers who are looking for solutions around product and brand innovation. From a brand partnership perspective, #VPE2022 not only creates opportunities to connect with a captive audience, but also to offer attendees access to discounted offers which would be most welcome in the current challenging economic climate.

As the country’s top online parenting portal has a following in excess of over 950k across their social media channels and extended databases which translates into highly effective brand exposure to potential customers in the lead up to #VPE2022. Each VPE attendee is actively seeking the best possible advice and guidance for their family; they choose to be a part of the Virtual Parenting Experience – where else would you be able to launch a new product or service to thousands of potential buyers? Attendees choose VPE as the platform to discover products, services, advice and more in an environment which is safe and convenient for them. #VPE2022checks all those boxes.

What #VPE2022 has in store

As an online experience the need for attendees to be physically present at a land-based venue falls away making #VPE2022 accessible to parents and caregivers all over South Africa. The convenience factor is enormously attractive because it eliminates the stress of disrupting your family’s daily routine to attend an expo at a venue. Attendees are able to plan their day around the topics that appeal to them in the comfort and convenience of their own homes simply by logging on via a device with an internet connection. The reality is that we are still in the throes of a worldwide pandemic with pregnant women and new-born babies listed as high risk for the Coronavirus. With this in mind #VPE2022 is the perfect solution to shopping, socialising and being informed.

Over the three days from Friday, 20 May to Sunday, 22 May 2022 we anticipate 18 000 ticket holders to attend three days of sessions including the following:

  • Friday 20 May - Dedicated Brand Engagement and Retail e-Commerce Space
  • Saturday 21 May - Day 1 Expert Presentations (10h00 to 16h00)
  • Sunday 22 May - Day 2 Expert Presentations (10h00 to 16h00)

The programme will include new expert speakers, interactive workshops, celebrity guest speakers and incredible giveaways aimed couples who are wanting to start a family and those who are already on their parenting journey.

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