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Use TaxTim for free this tax season

We’ve partnered with TaxTim to assist you with filing your taxes quickly, easily and correctly. If you are a Momentum or Multipy client, it won’t cost you anything (including dependents covered).

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What is TaxTim?

Think of TaxTim as your all-in-one tax practitioner who will help you complete and submit your tax return directly to SARS, saving you the hassle of having to use SARS eFiling.

Benefits of using TaxTim

Avoid hiring a tax practitioner to file your taxes.
Fully integrated with SARS.
Get tax experts on hand.
Get the maximum possible refund.
Your information is secure.
Assists all individual taxpayers, even those who are commission-earners with a tax directive.
Complete your tax return in under 20 minutes, no matter how complicated.
Receive notifications on your tax return status and deadlines for submission.
Avoid tax penalties for non-submission.
Get a free Tax Score.
Multiply members earn points.

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You get a free Tax Score

TaxTime gives you a Tax Score which indicates how tax-compliant you are. Giving you tax tips on how you can become more tax-efficient and how you could potentially pay less tax in the future.

Ready to file your taxes using TaxTim?

Register today and stay on top of all your tax-related matters.

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