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Submit your tax return with TaxTim

Take the hassle out of submitting your tax return with TaxTim – your all-in-one tax practitioner. Sign-up for TaxTim to get email notificationson your tax return status and deadlines for submission.

Give your taxes momentum and accelerate your journey as you adjust and reframe for success in #2020TwoPoint0.

How can TaxTim help me?

Think of TaxTim as your all-in-one tax practitioner.

Use TaxTim to help you complete and submit your tax return directly to SARS, saving you the hassle of using SARS eFiling or queuing at a SARS branch.

Even more reasons to use TaxTim

79% of TaxTim users get a SARS refund.
While the average time taken to file a tax return on TaxTim is around 20 minutes, the record for the fastest completed return is just over 2 minutes.
1,9 million people use TaxTim every year.

Benefits of using TaxTim

Save money and avoid hiring a tax practitioner to file your tax return.
Get the maximum possible refund.
TaxTim is integrated with SARS eFiling for quick, hassle-free filing.
Your information is secure with TaxTim’s free document storage archive.
Use one of TaxTim’s calculators to get an indication of how much you can get back as a SARS refund.
Connect TaxTim to SARS eFiling to fetch documents like your IRP5, medical aid and retirement certificates.
Individual tax payers, even those who are commission-earners with a tax directive, can make use of TaxTim.
TaxTim tax practitioners will review your tax return before it’s submitted, so you can know with confidence that it’s been done correctly.
Get notifications on your tax return status and deadlines for submission.
Avoid penalties for non-submission.

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Documents you’ll need to get started

  • IRP5 from your employer
  • Medical aid certificate
  • IT3b/IT3c showing your investments
  • Retirement annuity certificate
  • Public benefit organisation (PBO) certificate showing your donations
  • Travel log book for business travel
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Get your free Tax Health Score

TaxTim gives you a free Tax Health Score to indicate how tax efficient you are. You’ll also get helpful recommendations on how you can potentially pay less tax and get a bigger SARS refund in the future.

Ready to give your taxes momentum?

  • Submit your tax return early to get your refund sooner.
  • TaxTim’s tax practitioners can answer your queries online at any time.
  • Stay on top of all your tax-related matters with reminders and interesting articles from TaxTim.

Sign-up today

Get notifications on your tax return status and deadlines for submission via email.

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Business hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 19:00. Closed on weekends and public holidays.

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