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Give your investments momentum

Do you want your investments to grow? Did you know that you can use your goals to create an investment strategy that keeps you focused and invested for longer?

Just one of the ways you can create a strong investment strategy is to incorporate tax planning as part of your financial plan, which can improve the likelihood of you achieving your goals, especially when planning for retirement.

Tax planning is an important part of creating a financial plan and a successful investment journey.

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Boost your retirement savings

Without a doubt, one of the most effective ways to save for retirement is through a retirement annuity.

A great benefit is that you can deduct the money that you invest in a retirement annuity from tax. For example, if you earn about R500 000 a year, your effective tax rate is about 25%. That means that for every R100 you invest in your retirement annuity, only R75 comes from your pocket, because you can get R25 back from the tax man if you claim it back.

To make the most of this deduction, you can invest up to 27,5% of your taxable income or your remuneration, whichever is higher.

Tax-free investing

Although you don’t get a tax deduction for money you invest in a tax-free investment (also known as a tax-free savings account), you can still enjoy tax-free growth. And you won’t pay any tax on the proceeds when you decide to take money out of the investment.

You can invest up to R36 000 every tax year (R3 000 per month) in a
tax-free investment, limited to R500 000 over your lifetime. Government may adjust these limits from time to time.

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What are the benefits of a tax-free investment?

Invest from as little as R500 per month, limited to R36 000 every tax year.
You can choose investment options from the Momentum Investments outcome-based solutions range or from a list of other investment options managed by Momentum Investments.
You have full access to your money at any time, but the benefit becomes more meaningful the longer you stay invested.

Offshore investing

Momentum Global Investment Management offers 3 off-the-shelf solutions offering investors an offshore savings and investments plan that is balanced, yet diversified.

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What are the advantages of investing offshore?

Diversification means you put your eggs in different baskets and get access to 23 different developed markets that can increase your potential to earn solid returns under varying conditions.
You can minimise the risk of capital loss by spreading your investments across markets and currencies, which reduces the impact of currency depreciation.

Interested in investing offshore?

The South African financial market makes up only 1% of the global market. By only investing locally, you limit yourself by not considering investing in companies with an international footprint that could generate substantial profits across different economies and markets. James Klempster, Investment Director at Momentum Global Investments, talks about the advantages of offshore investing.

A video explaining the advantages of Momentum Global's offshore investments.

Connect with Momentum Investments

Not sure how to give your investments momentum?

Speak to a financial adviser about how you can grow your wealth and improve your investment outcomes.

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