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Confident African woman wearing gold necklaces, smiling as she looks to the left, holding one of her necklaces in her hand.

Women’s Month 2021

There's only one definition of success. Yours.

Women who don’t apologise for their success keep their success in motion.
This past Women’s Month, we showed our support for women by giving them the tools, advice and experiences that empowered them to be unstoppable in their pursuit of success.

The #SheOwnsHerSuccess workshop series is over, but you can still catch highlights from our events. Watch talks from our keynote success speaker Luvvie Ajayi Jones - New York best-selling author as well as talks from a powerhouse panel of women who are all successfully owning their success.

Your success. Your move.

Catch highlights from our webinars

Don’t stop because they say you should. #SheOwnsHerSuccess.
Missed our webinar series? Catch the highlights here.

Finding structures of support

Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp – TV & radio presenter, MC, actress & entrepreneur

Being PC doesn’t mean keeping quite

Panel discussion with Sherlin Barends – MC, Sarah Jane Boden – Founder of Soul Providers Collective and Suketchi, Farah Fortune – owner of African Star Communications and Aisha Pandor – founder & owner of SweepSouth

The art of negotiating

Antoinette Prophy – Entrepreneur

Wills and trusts

Dani van Vuuren – Momentum fiduciary business development consultant

Leading by the beat of your own drum

Kate Woods – senior brand director at Addidas

The opposite of strength isn’t weakness

Panel discussion with Sherlin Barends - MC, Ndoni Mcunu – climate scientist & founder of Black Women in Science, Charlotte Nsubunga-Mukasa – Head: Momentum brand marketing and Thami Dish – LGBTIQ+ activist and founder of The Feather Awards

How to build your own personal brand

Simone Naidoo – Metaphysician, life coach, healer, self-love teacher
and speaker

How to be your own hype woman

Veronica King – Founder & CEO of Emuthini Consulting

No is a full sentence

Panel discussion with Sherlin Barends - MC, Nontokozo Madonsela - Momentum Metropolitan Group CMO, Qhawekwazi Mdikane – Momentum CMO and Dr Jessica Stanbridge – specialist psychiatrist

Mature, woman with short platinum hair and wearing a black shirt standing in a confident power pose.

#SheOwnsHerSuccess resource centre

Keep your success in motion.
Gather business tools, resources, inspiring quotes, podcasts
and videos to become a success champion!

The unstoppable success of women in sport is worth celebrating

Media broadcaster, Kea Motlokwa at the Momentum 2021
gsport awards

31 August 2021 marked the 16th annual Momentum gsport awards - South Africa’s leading national women’s sport recognition platform.

The 2021 Momentum gsport Awards is a partnership between the gsport Trust and the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture, proudly brought to you by Momentum.

Success champion, Momentum Proteas women’s star, Shabnim Ismail, became the first cricketer ever to win the Momentum Athlete of the Year award since the category was introduced in 2007.

Congratulations to all the winners for stopping for nothing, raising the bar and proudly owning your achievements #SheOwnsHerSuccess.

Success to success. Now that’s momentum.

Congratulations Shabnim Ismail for being unstoppable and winning the Momentum Athlete of the Year Award at the 2021 gsport awards.

Shabnim Ismail, winner of the Momentum Athlete of the Year Award at the 2021 gsport awards.

#SheOwnsHerSuccess. Young Indian lady wearing a white turtleneck sweater confidently smiling.

Staying healthy is key to your unstoppable success

There’s only one “U” in success. It’s important to consider getting vaccinated so you can continue to realise your unique life goals. Keeping yourself and your family covered and protected during these uncertain times is one of the greatest markers of success.

Momentum Heath Solutions has made it easy for you to get vaccinated at one of the Momentum Metropolitan vaccination centres at a date and time convenient to you. You can begin your vaccination journey by doing the following: Keep your success in motion. Get an injection of life today.

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