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Return on resilience -
the next chapter

Event banner written ‘Partnership Connect 2022’ and featuring a medium close-up shot of a lady in a blue top.

In a year that was defined by change and challenge, Partnership Connect 2022 analysed the top trends linked to success. We discussed the role of resilience in meeting the demands of today’s business world.

Key discussion points:

  • Resilience plays a critical role in meeting the demands of today’s business world, underpinning both growth and success that is sustainable and enduring.
  • The impact of emerging trends, the new normal and challenges for: businesses, business leaders and employees.
  • Trends that will influence a business’ journey to rejuvenation, such as digitisation and corporate sustainability.

Webinar recording

What is 'return on resilience’? Resilience refers to the ability to thrive and be highly resourceful in a world of constant change and in the face of extreme daily pressure and fierce competition.

What gives an
organisation the edge
over others?

Event banner written ‘Partnership Connect 2021’ and featuring a medium close-up shot of a lady in a red blazer.

Partnership Connect 2021 explored some of the active ingredients that make up the formula for delivering organisational success, to help you support your clients and their businesses during one of the most challenging times in modern society.

Key discussion points:

  • Co-creating a company culture that enables delivery of the organisation’s strategy.
  • Formulating an employee value proposition that cultivates engagement and performance.
  • The science of employee benefits that lead to success for businesses and their employees.

Webinar recording

What gives these companies the edge? What are the active ingredients in the formula for success? What is the role of an enabling culture? Where does the employee value proposition fit in? And how can the Science of Employee Benefits help your employees to become strategic enablers of success?

Welcome to the new
decade and the age
of data

Event banner for Mometum Corporate's  Partnership Connect 2020, with the theme written on it: Welcome to the digital age.

Partnership Connect 2020 explored how life was very different before we were all digitally connected. Today nearly everyone has a sizeable digital footprint. Driven by rapid technological innovation, data has evolved exponentially. Previously viewed as a by-product, data is now considered a valuable business asset.

Key discussion points:

  • What the rapid evolution of data means for society, business and the workplace.
  • How we unlock value from data patterns to understand our clients’ unique needs.
  • How data-driven insights can transform employee value propositions and help employers to remain the employer of choice.

Webinar recording

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