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A young woman sitting on a blue velvet couch using the Smart Solutions tool on her laptop to view her benefits and profile.

Smart Solutions

Our cutting-edge range of Smart Solutions empowers your employees to make informed decisions to boost their retirement savings and increase their overall physical and financial health. Striving to create engaging experiences for our clients, we remain at the forefront of helping employees make smart financial decisions and connecting with them in diverse and innovative ways.

  • An award-winning range of Smart Solutions.
  • The right information when needed, enabling smart decisions.
  • Smart retirement strategies to convert retirement savings into retirement income.

An innovative range of Smart Solutions to boost your employees' journey to success

Our growing range of Smart Solutions provides employees with information to enhance their financial knowledge, stay on top of their employee benefits and make better informed decisions about their money and financial future.

Two women discussing the retirement benefit counselling with Smart Counsel that is offered to FundsAtWork and standalone fund members.
Two women discussing the retirement benefit counselling with Smart Counsel that is offered to FundsAtWork and standalone fund members.

Smart Counsel

Educating and informing employees on their benefits, helping them make better informed decisions.

Our Smart Counsel services are designed to positively influence the financial behaviour and choices of all employees. Accessible through a range of diverse channels, we give employees the education and information necessary to develop a better understanding of how to derive more value from their benefits. All is done in easy-to-understand, jargon-free language.

Our counsellors are here to help

Default retirement regulations require that all retirement funds provide retirement benefit counselling to their members. Our counsellors help members make informed product choices, based on their needs, by helping them understand financial concepts like their:

  • Default investment portfolio.
  • Default in-fund preservation option for when they move between employers before retirement.
  • Annuity strategy to make sure that they are able to convert their retirement savings into a retirement income.
  • Any other benefits and options available to them.

Employee engagement channels

All forms of engagement and communication are aimed at simplifying often complex information and, in doing so, educate and help members through their decision-making process. Employees can access our services through the following channels:

Call center staff, sitting at their work stations with their headphones on,  attending to client phone calls.

Telephonic service

We provide dedicated telephonic and email assistance. Our benefit counsellors are proficient in most of the 11 official languages of South Africa, like isiZulu, Sesotho, isiXhosa, Afrikaans and English.

A woman in a red suit and black shirt, shaking hands with a man in a brown suit at a conference.

Smart Conference

We hosted the first educational member conference in 2019 to help members on their journey to a comfortable retirement. Topics included the importance of having a will and deciding on the right annuity at retirement.

A man and woman sitting on a black couch, working through their financial documents.

Digital engagement

Employees have access to easy-to-use digital platforms to help them make better informed financial decisions at key points on their life journeys.

A woman in a light blue shirt and red alice band, is smiling while reading a document she's holding.

Smart Exits

A first-of-its-kind solution, helping employees make better financial decisions when they resign.

When an employee resigns from employment, Smart Exits gives them an overview of the amount of money in their retirement savings now, and at retirement. It also shows them how much tax they will pay, if they decide to take their benefit in cash. It helps them make informed decisions by creating awareness about the importance of keeping their retirement savings invested.

Smart Exits also reduces your administrative burden when an employee withdraws from the Fund.

A woman in a sitting on the backseat of a car is typing on her cell phone.

Smart Retirements

A user-friendly "try before you buy" platform, helping employees understand their retirement savings.

This digital platform makes it easy for employees to grasp and evaluate our annuity solutions, and helps them understand the impact different decisions will have on their retirement. It also highlights the effects of tax if they decide to take an amount in cash when they retire. Smart Retirements helps employees feel more empowered to make the right financial decisions.

Employees are never alone during the process. Over and above the tips and educational information that they receive, they can get in touch with our Smart Counsel team or request advice from a financial adviser at the click of a button.

A woman in a red shirt, with a coffee mug in her hand, standing next to a glass wall while typing  on her cell phone.

Smart Underwriting

The first group insurance digital underwriting solution available in South Africa.

This is a solution that allows employees to complete their underwriting by answering a few short, easy-to-understand questions about their health and lifestyle in a fully secure and private digital space. It only takes an average of 10 minutes and feedback is immediate, so at the end of the process, employees know the result.

Employees will receive personalised health tips and guidance, based on their health profile. This creates awareness of potential health risks and may trigger the appropriate change to their lifestyle.

A woman in a denim shirt and white vest wrapping her hands around someone else's hand to comfort them.

Smart Claims

Simplifying death and funeral claims through technological innovation.

Smart Claims is our verifiable technology-based solution that simplifies death and funeral claims at a time when employees or their families are emotionally vulnerable and value simplicity and speed. It makes Momentum Corporate the industry leader in claim innovation through technological advancements.

Our simplified process improves the claims experience for the bereaved family in their time of mourning. By reducing the amount of supporting documents required, we make it possible to submit claims quicker, and have them paid out faster.

Two women smiling at each other and shaking hands inside an office building.

Smart Onboarding

The latest in our range of Smart Solutions.

Smart Onboarding is an interactive digital solution designed to connect with new members joining FundsAtWork. A choice of USSD or mobi channels, offers members flexibility to connect with us through their channel of choice. Members are able to capture their personal information, learn about their benefits through our new education portal, and get access to free gifts. Smart Onboarding will be rolled out to new FundsAtWork schemes during 2021.

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