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Corporate social investment

Momentum is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen, continuously looking for new ways to increase our impact and reach in South Africa's disadvantaged communities. We work to improve the delivery of relevant and sustainable solutions to all our beneficiaries.

Momentum plays an important role in the socio-economic development of South Africa, having established a long-standing Corporate Social Investment Programme that is aligned with our country's priorities and the Millennium Development Goals.

Our Corporate Social Investment Programme is driven by the MMI Foundation and supported by the Employees Volunteers Programme. The Momentum CSI activities are governed by the MMI Foundation, an independent Section 21 company that integrates the corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives of MMI Holdings and its client-facing brands.

Momentum's focus on persons with disabilities ensures that this community is included and allowed to make their contribution to society. Momentum also plays its role as a driver for quality education through its sport bursary programmes and financial education programmes to youth.

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Our Momentum Volunteers Open

It takes more than cheque-book charity to truly build and empower a nation. As a critical pillar to the CSI strategy, Momentum introduced the Momentum Volunteers Programme in 2003. Momentum Volunteers form part of the overall MMI Volunteers Programme which provides MMI employees with innovative and creative opportunities to 'give back'.

Since the programme's launch, employees have built homes for needy families, supported child and orphan feeding schemes, donated bread ovens, warm clothes, blankets and school shoes to children in rural areas as well as funded the relevant operational training for non-profit organisations in Gauteng, Limpopo and the Northern Cape.

Participating in the Volunteers Programme has inspired many employees to such an extent that they've partnered with various Non-profit organisations and are engaging directly with the communities supported by the Volunteers Programme. If you would like to become a Momentum Volunteer contact:

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