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Web chat

Terms and conditions

We provide services to support you as you navigate through pages.

We cannot help with requests that are specific to your policy, or any information we have to verify before we can disclose it.

We will never ask you for account numbers or to log onto any banking or payment site through the web portal. Don’t share account numbers, pin codes or any personal financial information through web chat.

We may keep transcripts of your web chat for quality purposes. We won’t disclose web chat details to third parties, and will only use it to be of service to you, unless you authorise us otherwise. We may add your conversation information to your Momentum client profile.

We may not offer advice or give any form of intermediary service. If you need such a service, we will gladly refer you to a Momentum financial adviser.

We don’t accept any liability for any loss you may incur because you have used or relied on the information we’ve provided via the service.