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Becoming a Momentum Financial Planner

Success for both individual and professional financial planners is determined by a team committed to offering comprehensive financial advice that goes beyond selling policies or products.

Become a commission-earning financial planner employed by Momentum

We partner with our clients through their life journey, uncovering their financial objectives, then creating plans to fulfil them. With a clear understanding of a client's personal situation and an appreciation of their responsibilities and future life goals, we can create a uniquely tailored financial plan to help them.

Building strong sustainable relationships

This enables financial planners to guide their clients through development and implementation, and so bridge the gap between the present and the future. Any life-changing events encountered along the way that change their client's journey will have them right there at their client's side to help negotiate the difficult stretches.

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Six-step approach Open

We follow the internationally recognised six-step approach to good financial planning. This involves:

  • Establishing a professional relationship
  • Collecting information
  • Setting life goals
  • Analysing financial needs
  • Creating a plan
  • Consistently monitoring and evaluating that plan to ensure that it is in line with the client's goals.
Financial planners have exceptional work ethics Open

We seek individuals with tenacity and an excellent work ethic. Trust is non-negotiable; our financial planners adhere to strict client confidentiality agreements. Financial planners put their clients first and always strive to understand the needs of the client before recommending a solution.

A dynamic environment for self-starters Open

Momentum offers rewarding career prospects to individuals who believe in themselves. Through a range of innovative products, academy training, advanced financial advice software and compliance support, you can have the success and financial reward you really deserve.

Become a commission-earning financial planner contracted to Momentum Open

Although you may be a professional financial planner with your own practice and already in business, we would still like to discuss our intermediary and client value propositions with you. Send your details to us, and we will contact you for an appointment to discuss the numerous opportunities available.

For further information or to join our dynamic team, send your questions or CV to