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Car and Home insurance

We specialise in personal and commercial insurance to meet your specific needs.

Cashback bonus of up to 30% per year:

  • Activate Safe Dayz™ and complete the Safety Score questionnaire to earn a cashback bonus of up 30% yearly, even if you claim.
  • Momentum clients qualify for Multiply Starter membership.

Car insurance:

  • Momentum Assist provides free 24-hour roadside assistance.
  • Submit car insurance claims via our mobile app.

Home insurance:

  • Momentum Home Assistance provides free 24-hour home assistance.
  • Momentum will pay for temporary accommodation, if you need a place to stay, as part of your home insurance.
  • Submit home insurance claims via our mobile app.

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What our clients' are saying:

Olga Manamela

"They made me feel like a valued client. I trust Momentum and am satisfied with their service."

Anelle Behr

"Time frame is impeccable from claiming to paying. That is to me, service with a smile."

Kgabo Mafodi

"They take care of me as a client and ensure that I am always informed and satisfied."

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