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Young fit couple in gym gear sitting on the street, smiling, and looking at the young man’s fitness watch that’s tracking health activity for Momentum Multiply points.

Healthy rewards with Momentum Multiply

Momentum Multiply brings you great cashback rewards and partner discounts. With Multiply, we’ll help you to kick-start your journey towards making healthier lifestyle choices, so you can reap the benefits.

  • Get rewarded for being active.
  • Earn up to R3 000 per family per month to help pay for day-to-day healthcare expenses.
  • Free yearly health assessment at a Dis-Chem, Clicks or Pick n Pay Pharmacy or Multiply-affiliated pharmacies.

What do I get?

By leading an active lifestyle, you can earn continuous rewards. If you belong to Multiply and Momentum Medical Scheme, you have access to monthly HealthReturns, cashbacks, and discounts from leading brands like Virgin Active, Planet Fitness, Fitbit, Dis-Chem, Smokenders, and more.

Monthly returns for day-to-day healthcare expenses
Up to R3 000*
*Per family, per month, based on Multiply Premier and Momentum Medical Scheme membership.
Partner discounts and cashbacks to complement and boost your healthy lifestyle

25% off

Virgin active logo

10% to 30% off

Fitbit logo

2% to 12% in cashbacks

DisChem logo

25% off

Smokenders logo

Learn more about what Multiply offers.

How will I get rewarded?

With Multiply, you get rewarded when you choose wellness.

By being active, your family can earn up to R3 000 in HeathReturns+ every month. Your cashbacks and discounts are calculated using the combined results of your Healthy Heart Score, Active DayzTM or fitness assessment level, and your Multiply status.

A young woman smiling and holding a sliced watermelon in front of her face to mimic a huge red smile.

Healthy Heart Score

To start earning rewards, simply book your free health assessment, to get your Healthy Heart Score, which gives a good indication of your current heart health. You can get this score by going for a health assessment at a Dis-Chem, Clicks, Pick n Pay or MediRite pharmacy clinic, Multiply affiliated pharmacy or Multiply health professional (visit for a list of pharmacies or the closest health professional to you). You can even book online at to have your health assessment done at a Clicks or Dis-Chem pharmacy clinic. The healthier your heart, the better your score, and the more your rewards!

A woman wearing shorts and a turquoise training gear top, keeping active by running on the pavement next to a clear dam.

Active Dayz™

Active Dayz is our way of rewarding you for being physically active. You get an Active Day when you walk 10 000 steps a day, burn 300 calories, hit the gym, or participate in active events such as marathons and triathlons, or even Parkruns. So, you get to choose the activities you enjoy. Alternatively, Multiply can use the results from your fitness assessment done through Multiply’s health professionals network to calculate your rewards. Visit for a complete list of health professionals.

Happy mature woman in the outdoors on a hiking trail, with a fellow female hiker walking ahead in the distance.

Multiply status

Living a healthy and physically active life will help multiply your rewards. Quite simply, the points you earn will determine your Multiply status or level, which determine your rewards, cashbacks and discounts.

A young couple staying active to earn Momentum Health Returns. They’re jogging across a bridge while the man holds a white dog on a dog leash.


HealthReturns+ is a complementary product available from Momentum that helps your family earn up to R3 000 per month, which you can use to pay for day-to-day medical expenses.

A toddler in a red jacket and blue and red sneakers jumping into a small puddle on the pavement and making a splash.


To encourage families to exercise together, Momentum introduced KidsReturns+. Child dependants on certain options can earn HealthReturns per R630 payable for their portion of the contribution, as long as the family is on Multiply Premier and all adult dependants on the membership are earning HealthReturns. This makes it even easier for families to reach the monthly maximum of R3 000 in HealthReturns.

Our rewards partners

From day one, you’ll enjoy great discounts and cashbacks

Life’s more rewarding with discounts from our Multiply partners - you can get 2% to 12% in cashbacks when you shop at Dis-Chem or Pick 'n Pay, 10% to 30% off FlySafair flights and much more.

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Smokenders logo
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Multiply ActivityBooster for under 30s

New Multiply members on Momentum Medical Scheme, qualify for the Multiply ActivityBooster. This unlocks additional HealthReturns which they can earn while they get familiar with the programme and improve their Multiply status. This benefit is available to members under 30 years, for their first two years on Multiply Premier.

A table showing how new Multiply Premier and Momentum Medical Scheme members can qualify for the ActivityBooster to earn more rewards.

New Multiply members qualify for the ActivityBooster, helping them achieve R280 maximum HealthReturns per R630 contribution that members under 30 can earn per month.

Disclaimer: *The HealthReturns payable for Momentum Medical Scheme members will be per R630 medical scheme contribution from 1 January 2022 and per R665 medical scheme contribution from 1 September 2022.

+ You may choose to make use of additional products available from Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited (Momentum), to seamlessly enhance your medical aid. Momentum is not a medical scheme and is a separate entity to Momentum Medical Scheme. The complementary products are not medical scheme benefits. You may be a member of Momentum Medical Scheme without taking any of the complementary products.

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Need advice?

An accredited healthcare consultant will call you to discuss our medical aid options and benefits.

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