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Car and home insurance rewards with Momentum Multiply

Wouldn't you like to get rewarded for driving and living safely? Well, with Momentum Multiply and car and home insurance by Momentum Insure, you can get cash back annually, even if you claim.

  • Earn up to 30% of your yearly premiums back in cash as part of your Multiply rewards.
  • Receive partner discounts and cashbacks on vehicle safety equipment and household security.

What do I get?

Whichever Multiply option you choose, you will still reap rewards like cashbacks as well as great discounts from our vehicle safety and home security partners such as Tiger Wheel & Tyre, Maxidor, Fidelity ADT, Garmin and many more.

Cash paid back to you
Safety Bonus on Multiply Premier
Up to 30%
Partner discounts on vehicle safety equipment and household security

10% to 25% off

Tiger Wheel and Tyre logo

20% to 40% off

Garmin logo

20% off

Fidelity ADT logo

22.5% off

Maxidor logo

How does it work?

Tap into more rewards by being safer

The combined result of your Safety Score, the number of Safe Dayz™ earned, and your Multiply status determines your yearly Safety Bonus.

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Safety Score

Your Safety Score is a simple questionnaire that measures your safety at home and on the road. To increase your rewards, you'll receive suggestions to improve your safety and security. Log in to complete the questionnaires to get your Safety Score.

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Safe Dayz™

Safe Dayz™ is a feature available on the Momentum App that helps you measure your safety on the road, whether you’re behind the steering wheel or in the passenger seat. The more Safe Dayz™ you earn, the better your rewards. Download the Momentum App (which is available to both iOS and Android users) and activate Safe Dayz™.

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Multiply status

Being safer at home and on the road, means multiplied rewards for you. To unlock the ultimate rewards, reach Private Club status on Multiply Premier, score 80% or more on your Safety Score, and earn 27 or more Safe Dayz™ a month. It's that easy!

Our rewards partners

From day one, you’ll enjoy great discounts and cashbacks

Life’s more rewarding with discounts from our Multiply partners. Get 2% to 12% in cashbacks when you shop at Dis-Chem or Pick n Pay, 10% to 30% off FlySafair flights and much more.

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Join Multiply

It’s quick and easy to join online. No more phone calls or paperwork.

Need advice?

Discuss the benefits of having Multiply with a certified financial advisor.

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Contact Momentum Multiply

General enquiry

Business hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00. Closed on weekends and public holidays.

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