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Multiply your life, one step at a time

Momentum Multiply is the kick-start you need to live a better, healthier and happier life. Earn great incentives, discounts and cashbacks when you improve your health, safety, fitness, and finances.

  • The average Gold Multiply member gets R11 898 in discounts and cashbacks every year.
  • Up to 12% in cashbacks when you shop at Pick n Pay or Dis-Chem.
  • Up to 50% off domestic and 40% off international flights.
  • Access to exclusive member deals on over 60 leading electronics, sport, safety and lifestyle brands.

What we offer

Get cashbacks for the things you already do, when you shop at our partners. Earn monthly rewards and cash savings on your Momentum products, and watch your savings grow with Multiply Money.

Partner rewards

Access over 60 rewards partners, from entertainment to travel, electronics, and everything in between. Get personal discounts, cashbacks and savings on flights, movies, electronics, your everyday shopping… and more.

Up to 50% off flights

Up to 25% off fees

Up to 12% in cashbacks

Up to 12% in cashbacks

Pay as little as R35

Up to 12% off

Up to 40% off

Up to 25% off

Save and grow your cashbacks with Multiply Money

Save the cashbacks you earn and spend them the way you choose. Use the Multiply Money App to view your balances, send money to friends and family with Multiply Money, and make mobile payments at selected retailers.


Get back a percentage of what you spend in cashbacks when you shop at our cashback partners nationwide.


Your cashbacks are transferred into your Multiply Money savings wallet where they grow with a great interest rate from day one.


Simply transfer your cashbacks from your savings wallet to your payment wallet and you're good to go!

Momentum rewards

Momentum logo

Start using your rewards now!

Have a Momentum Health, Car and Home Insurance, Life Insurance or Investments and Savings product? Your FREE Multiply Starter membership is already active! Start tapping into the endless benefits, rewards and discounts - simply provide your ID number at partner till points to earn partner discounts.

Car and Home Insurance

Up to 30% cashback bonus on your annual premiums - even if you claim.


Earn up to R3 000 cashbacks per family per month, for day-to-day medical expenses.

Life Insurance

Get up to 60% off your monthly Life Insurance

FundsAtWork members
can earn EmployeeReturns

FundsAtWork, Momentum's umbrella fund with additional value-added benefits, offers its members great rewards such as EmployeeReturns when they join Multiply Premier.

Get part of their qualifying insurance premiums back


Up to 60%

EmployeeReturns can be used to boost members'

FundsAtWork retirement
savings account

For members with lump sum death benefits provided by the fund.

HealthSaver account

For members with lump sum death or critical illness benefit as a standalone product.

Multiply Money
savings wallet

For members with lump sum death or critical illness benefit as a standalone product, without HealthSaver.

For detailed information about EmployeeReturns, download the brochure.

Join Multiply Premier

Get exclusive partner discounts and exceptional rewards on Momentum products. Earn points doing everyday activities to help enhance your health, fitness, safety and finances. The more points you earn, the better your status, and the more your rewards.

Up to 45% off at Protea Hotels.
Up to 80% off cricket tickets at TicketPros.
Fixed 25% off your monthly gym membership fees at Virgin Active, Curves and Planet Fitness.

Single member
R258 pm
Two members
R328 pm
Family of 3 or more
R358 pm

Make the most of your Multiply

Take control. Improve your rewards. Get more. Multiply gives you the freedom to do things your way and multiply your money with exclusive cashback rewards. Here’s how:

Young brunette woman wearing sunglasses, smiling and crossing the street, with the sun shining brightly in the background.

Improve your
Multiply Status

By improving your Multiply status, you could be doubling up on rewards. Go for your free health assessment, get a financial review from your financial planner, complete the safety questionnaire, get points for being active, and more. We’ve got opportunities to improve your Multiply status at every turn.

An aerial shot of a blue Mini Cooper with white stripes, driving on the open road with a bunch of colourful balloons tied to the car and blowing in the wind.

Safe Dayz™ and
Safety Score

Multiply rewards you for the steps you take to improve your safety. Get a point for each Safe Day you earn, when you use the Momentum App to measure your safety on the road. Get your Safety Score by taking the safety questionnaire to measure your safety, and we’ll give you suggestions on how you can improve.

A woman wearing shorts and a turquoise training gear top, keeping active by running on the pavement next to a clear dam.

Active Dayz™ and
Healthy Heart Score

Make healthy life choices and reap the benefits. You get rewarded for being physically active, so get moving and get a point for each Active Day you earn. Go for a health assessment to get your Healthy Heart Score, which gives you an indication of how healthy your heart is, and get on track to earn great rewards for your healthy moves.


Use the Momentum App to view your status and rewards

View all your products under one roof. The Momentum App gives you easy access to all your products, lets you track your activities and progress, and also seamlessly process your claims - all in the palm of your hands.

Get Multiply

Signing up is easy and just takes a
few minutes.

Need advice?

Discuss the benefits of having Multiply with a certified financial advisor.

Contact Multiply

General enquiry

Business hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00. Closed on weekends and public holidays.

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