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Estate Provider Benefit

We don't like to think about death, so we often don't plan for it. If you want to make sure that your family is taken care of after your death, it's advisable to have a Will and estate plan in place to ensure your affairs are settled the way you want.

Understanding and planning for the fees and expenses involved will ensure enough money in your estate to cover taxes, outstanding debt and administration costs.

  • Settles professional and executor fees charged with winding up an estate.
  • Ensures there's enough cash in your estate to pay SARS what is owing.
  • Ensures there's enough cash to settle administration fees.
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Estate Provider Calculator

Calculate the costs to wind up your estate

Our Estate Provider Benefit calculator can help you calculate any cash shortfalls in your estate so that your family or beneficiaries aren't left with the financial burden of paying for taxes, debt and administration costs after your death.

What is the estate provider benefit?

It is an estate plan ensuring there's enough money in your estate to help settle debt and professional and administrative fees charged during the administration process.

What benefits are included in Estate Provider Benefit?

Signed insurance forms and a pen for the client to use.

A professionally drafted Will

Momentum Trust will keep this in safe custody for you.

Red and white wallet

An instant cash amount

Paid to your nominee within 1 working day after Momentum receives the death claim.

A red and white rocket justice scale

Professional fee benefit

After settling 100% of the executor fees, the remaining money will be used to pay for other associated fees and administration costs.

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A death benefit worth R300 000 or more

Offered in conjunction with Momentum life insurance.

Contact Momentum Trust

Unsure how to plan your estate so that the right people get what they're due when you pass away?

Move to Momentum and let a financial adviser help you plan your finances to ensure your success lives on.

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